Wilfred Coyoca

Assistant Professor
Unit: College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Department of English
Office location and address
1605 Jefferson Park Ave
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
ENWR 1505: Writing & Critical Inquiry Stretch I
Credits: 3
Part I of the two-semester option for meeting the first writing requirement. For placement guidelines see http://professionalwriting.as.virginia.edu/requirements. Topics vary each semester and can be found using the SIS Class Search.
ENWR 1510: Writing and Critical Inquiry
Credits: 3
The single-semester option for meeting the first writing requirement-- intended to be taken during the first year of study-- this course approaches writing as a way of generating, representing, and reflecting on critical inquiry. Graded A, B, C, or NC. Students whose last names start in A-K must take ENWR 1510 in the fall; those with last names starting in L-Z take it in the spring.
ENGL 2508: Studies in Fiction
Credits: 3
Studies the techniques of fiction. For more details on this class, please visit the department website at http://www.engl.virginia.edu/courses.
AMST 2559: New Course in American Studies
Credits: 1–4
New Course in subject of American Studies.
AMST 4999: Distinguished Majors Thesis Seminar
Credits: 3
This workshop is for American Studies majors who have been admitted to the DMP program. Students will discuss the progress of their own and each other's papers, with particular attention to the research and writing processes. At the instructor's discretion, students will also read key works in the field of American Studies. Prerequisites: admission to DMP.