Veronica Shalotenko

Unit: College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Department of Mathematics
Office location and address
30 South Lawn
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
MATH 1210: A survey of Calculus I
Credits: 3
A first calculus course for business/biology/social-science students. Topics include limits and continuity/differentiation & integration of algebraic & elementary transcendental functions/applications to related-rates & optimization problems as well as to curve sketching & exponential growth. At most one of MATH 1190, MATH 1210, and MATH 1310 may be taken for credit.
MATH 1220: A Survey of Calculus II
Credits: 3
A second calculus course for business/biology/and social-science students. Topics include differential equations/infinite series/analysis of functions of several variables/analysis of probability density functions of continuous random variables. The course begins with a review of basic single-variable calculus. Prerequisite: MATH 1210 or equivalent; at most one of MATH 1220 and MATH 1320 may be taken for credit.
MATH 1310: Calculus I
Credits: 4
A first calculus course for natural-science majors/students planning further work in mathematics/students intending to pursue graduate work in applied social sciences. Introduces differential & integral calculus for single-variable functions, emphasizing techniques/applications & major theorems, like the fundamental theorem of calculus. Prerequisite: Background in algebra/trigonometry/exponentials/logarithms/analytic geometry.