Vidya Mani

Associate Professor
Unit: Darden School of Business
Department: Darden Graduate School of Business
Office location and address
90 Darden Blvd
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
GBUS 7312: Operations Management - Part II
Credits: 2
This course is designed to convey to students both the fundamentals of operations and the understanding that the link between operations and firm performance is a crucial source of competitive advantage. Managing the underlying processes by which firms create and deliver value is at the heart of the operations function in every line of business, and this course focuses on how to do this well. Prerequisite: Restricted to Darden students.
GBUS 8053: Sustainable Global Value Chains
Credits: 2
This course will use a mix of case studies and simulation to understand the sustainable operations practices within the agriculture, apparel, electronics, energy, healthcare, and pharmaceutical sectors. It will bring together concepts on supply chain integrity; responsible business conduct; supply chain security and transparency; national and international regulations and policies that impact global value chains.
GBUS 8830: Supply Chain Management
Credits: 2
The increasing globalization of business and heightened outsourcing in many industries has led to increased interest in supply chain management issues by the senior management of most companies. This course is designed to provide an understanding of the functional and strategic role of supply chains in both manufacturing and service industries, with emphasis on global supply chains originating or ending in North America. The course is oriented towards prospective general managers who desire to become more familiar with supply chain design and coordination as well as some of the major issues and managerial concepts relating to supply-chain management that are important sources of competitive advantage. The course is taught using textbook and article readings, cases, lectures, and guest speakers.
GBUS 8999: Darden Independent Study
Credits: 2–3
A Darden Independent Study elective includes either case development or a research project to be conducted by an individual student under the direction of a faculty member. Students should secure the agreement of a resident faculty member to supervise their independent study and assign the final grade that is to be based to a significant degree on written evidence of the individual student's accomplishment.