Tim McMurry headshot

Timothy L. McMurry

Associate Professor
Unit: School of Medicine
Department: PBHS Public Health Sciences Admin
Office location and address
Old Med School, Room 3875
21 Hospital Dr
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

Dr. McMurry is a biostatistician who received his Ph.D. in mathematics from University of California, San Diego.  His work now focuses on surgical outcomes, the statistics of biomechanical injury, and the development of nonparametric statistical methods, including bootstrap and smoothing procedures.  He has experience with SEER-Medicare, the National Cancer Database, and the NASS-CDS and CIREN automotive crash databases.  In addition Dr. McMurry teaches the biostatistics sequence for the Department of Public Health Science’s Master’s programs.

MD-PHS Sherwood Research Consulting, LLC
Source: Sherwood Research Consulting, LLC
September 04, 2014 – September 04, 2016
PHS 7000: Introduction to Biostatistics
Credits: 3–4
Covers the fundamentals in medical statistics including descriptive statistics, estimation, hypothesis testing, precision, sample size, correlation, problems with categorization of continuous variables, multiple comparison problems, and interpreting of statistical results. Covers the basics of SAS programming so that students can create, run, and debug SAS programs. Prerequisites: PHS 7170, Graduate in PHS programs or instructor permission.
PHS 7001: Introduction to Biostatistics II
Credits: 3
An illustration of the indications, limitations, assumptions, and appropriate applications of analytical methods in a variety of biomedical settings. Students will learn how to determine which analytic technique would be best suited for a variety of translational and clinical research, evaluation, and policy study designs. Prerequisite: Instructor permission;: PHS 7000.