Timothy Davis

Associate Professor of Public Policy, General Academic Faculty
Unit: Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy
Department: Frank Batten School of Leadership & Public Policy
Office location and address
235 McCormick Rd
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
LPPL 2100: The Resilient Student: Transition, Thriving, and Leadership
Credits: 3
The adjustment from HS to college is filled with turbulent transitions and with opportunities for discovery, growth, and development of critical life skills. Course focuses on development of broad skills to create fulfilling lives and successful careers after college, especially in 4 areas: (1) development of emotional resilience skills, (2) development of life management skills, (3) intro to leadership concepts, and (4) establishment of small communities of students.
LPPL 3450: Resilient Leadership for Teams and Teammates
Credits: 3
Course builds students' skills in "the art of getting things done". Students will establish the critical leadership & team-building competencies that distinguish highly effective leaders. We will introduce frameworks that will enhance student's: resilience; team leadership skills; capacity for thriving in times of adversity; emotional intelligence; interpersonal skills (including conflict resolution & negotiation skills) & decision making.
LPPL 7025: Values-Based Leadership
Credits: 3
In this course, you will learn how to coach and support the leadership development of peers while also going deeper with your own individual leadership development objectives. By learning coaching skills, advanced emotional-social proficiencies, and practices for personal reflection and contemplation, VBL will help you develop competencies for creating positive change in people and organizations.