Tomeka Dowling headshot

Tomeka C. Dowling

Assistant Professor
Unit: School of Nursing
Department: School of Nursing
Office location and address
CMNEB 2005
225 Jeanette Lancaster Way
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

Tomeka Dowling strategically searches for avenues to implement solutions toward standardization, enhancement, and advancement of nursing education. She has had the privilege of collaborating with several leaders within Virginia’s higher education community to bring structure, standards, and processes that strengthen the core of higher education and nursing programs. Working with various professional groups has allowed her opportunity to promote excellence in nursing education while meeting the state’s need for a competent and diverse nursing workforce.

Dr. Dowling is a member of Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society and Counselor for UVA's Beta Kappa chapter, an advisory board member for the Virginia Board of Education and a board member of the Virginia League for Nursing. Beginning in May 2018, she will become Virginia League for Nursing President, a state constituent league for the 124-year old National League for Nursing which is the nation's first professional nursing organization.

Having earned both a BSN and an MSN from Hampton University, Dowling went on to earn a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from George Washington University in 2016. At UVA, she is the coordinator for the School's fast-growing RN to BSN program.

NUCO 2330: Health Assessment
Credits: 3
Patient Centered Health Assessment focuses on obtaining a holistic health history and physical examination of the individual patient. The patient's developmental level and cultural, spiritual, and social dimensions provide the basis for developing a patient centered health assessment. Best practices are emphasized through the correct demonstration of physical examination techniques and the use of appropriate screening tools for clinical risks.
NUCO 4056: Introduction to Health Policy
Credits: 3
Intro. health policy & its impact on organizational, local, national, & global issues of access, equity, quality, safety, & social justice in the practice environ. Social, ethical, economic, & political issues that affect the delivery of health & nursing services are analyzed. The role of RNs in advocating & influencing change thru the devel. & imprv. of healthcare policies for patients, the nursing profession, & healthcare systems are explored.
NUCO 4440: Trends and Issues in Clinical Nursing Practice
Credits: 3
This course expands the student's understanding of baccalaureate generalist practice, societal and health care trends, and emerging clinical nursing practice issues. Students propose solutions within the scope of nursing practice to address these issues. Students complete experiential learning projects focused on current trends and issues in health care, building upon their own nursing practice and previous learning experiences.
NUIP 4610: Leadership and Management in Health Care Systems
Credits: 3
This course integrates management knowledge, concepts, and theory with practical experience within health care situations to prepare students for beginning leadership roles in existing/emerging delivery systems. This class explores the professional nurse's role in creating the envisioned patient centered, effective health care delivery organization of the future. Students complete an experiential learning project focused on quality improvement.
NUCO 4730: Professional Nursing Practice Synthesis
Credits: 3
Analyze & synthesize content & experience from previous nursing courses. Students will prepare for professional nursing practice through comprehensive national pre-licensure examination testing as well as engage in the initial process for RN licensure. As a culminant experience, students will complete their professional portfolio & undertake a clinical initiative that will deepen their understanding of a patient-centered clinical issue.