Sid Angadi

Assistant Professor
Unit: Curry School of Education
Department: Department of Kinesiology
Office location and address
210 Emmet St S
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
Diet and Exercise in Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction
Source: Grain Foods Foundation
August 31, 2021 – August 30, 2023
KINE 3410: Exercise Physiology
Credits: 3
This course provides a foundational understanding of metabolic and physiologic responses to exercise. Emphasis will be placed on the role of exercise and nutrition to enhance strength and endurance for human performance. Prerequisite BIOL 3410 and BIOL 3420 OR BIOL 2060 and BIOL 2070.
KINE 3450: Exercise and Nutrition Medicine
Credits: 3
This course provides understanding how to prescribe exercise & nutrition as a medical therapy for health and well being. We will explore how each "dose" of exercise when taken in combination with nutrition, dietary supplements and/or pharmacological agents, impact the prevention/treatment of chronic disease.
KINE 4993: Independent Study
Credits: 1–6
Independent Study for undergraduates working in cooperation with a faculty member.
KINE 5470: Metabolic Adaptations to Exercise
Credits: 3
Analyzes metabolic adaptations to acute bouts of exercise and chronic exercise training. Includes energy sources for human movement; substrate utilization, muscle plasticity, functional significance of the metabolic adaptations to chronic exercise training; muscle fatigue and damage. Prerequisite: KINE 5430 or instructor permission.
KINE 9993: Independent Study
Credits: 1–6
Independent Study for doctoral level students working in cooperation with a faculty member.
KINE 9998: Doctoral Research Apprenticeship
Credits: 3–12
Designed to give doctoral students experience conducting research in professional settings appropriate to their disciplines. Prerequisite: Advisor permission required.