Spyridon Simotas

Assistant Professor
Unit: College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Department of French Language and Literatures
Office location and address
1605 Jefferson Park Ave
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
FREN 1000: Reading
FREN 1050: Accelerated Elementary French
Credits: 4
Reviews basic oral expression, listening, reading comprehension, and writing. Covers the material in the FREN 1010-1020 text in one semester at an accelerated pace. Language lab required followed by FREN 2010. Prerequisite: Previous background in French (more than two years of French in secondary school) and an achievement test score below 540 or a placement score below 378, or permission of the department.
FREN 2010: Intermediate French I
Credits: 3
Develops the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Focuses on reading skill development through readings on contemporary Francophone culture and short stories. Followed by FREN 2020. Prerequisite: FREN 1020 or one to three years of formal instruction in French and appropriate SAT score.
FREN 2020: Intermediate French II
Credits: 3
Designed for continued development of the four skills at an advanced level. Readings emphasize contemporary Francophone culture and include a modern French play. Prerequisite: FREN 2010 or one to three years of formal instruction in French and appropriate SAT score.
FREN 3031: Finding Your Voice in French
Credits: 3
In this course, students explore and develop their own "voice" in written and spoken French. Through reading and viewing a variety of cultural artifacts in French, and completing a series of individual and collaborative creative projects, students will improve their skills in grammar, communication, self-expression and editing. Prerequisite: FREN 2020, 2320, or the equivalent, or appropriate AP, F-CAPE, or SAT score.
FREN 3035: Business French
Credits: 3
In this course, students will learn about the major industries, organizational structures, and the primary positions within French and francophone businesses. They will gain experience in business research, will hone their oral and written French for use in a business-setting, will have practice job interviews, and will learn the practical aspects of living and working in French. Prerequisite: FREN 3031 and 3032
FREN 3585: Topics in Cultural Studies
Credits: 3
Interdisciplinary seminar in French and Francophone culture and society. Topics vary annually and may include literature and history, cinema and society, and cultural anthropology. Prerequisite: FREN 3032.