Stephen Plaskon headshot

Stephen P. Plaskon

Associate Professor
Director of Studies
Unit: School of Education and Human Development
Department: School of Education and Human Development
Office location and address
Brown College 100
405 Emmet St S
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
Ph.D., University of Connecticut, 1975
M.A., University of Connecticut, 1972
B.A., Southern Connecticut State University, 1970
USEM 1570: University Seminar
Credits: 2–3
Consult the University Seminars web page at (copy and paste Web address into browser) for specific descriptions.
EDIS 2010: Teaching as a Profession
Credits: 3
In this survey of American education, students examine education history, philosophy in action in schools, student diversity, curriculum, effective teaching, school organization & governance, education finance, education law, sociopolitical dimensions of education, & the role of the teacher as a professional. Co-requisite: EDIS 2880.
INST 2570: Interdisciplinary Studies Brown College
Credits: 1–3
Individual faculty and advanced graduate students may teach these courses with the approval of the Dean's Office, which acts for the Committee on Education Policy and the Curriculum. A maximum of 3.0 credits count toward the B.A. or B.S. in the College. INST courses count as non-College credits.
EDIS 2880: Field Experience
Credits: 1
This initial lab experience is a co-requisite class with EDIS 2010 and is a mandatory pre-requisite to applying to the 5-year (BA/MT) Teacher Education Program. Experiences are provided for students to observe children in either a community or school context and to develop an understanding of essential evidence-based practices for effective teaching. Corequisite: EDIS 2010.
EDIS 4210: Introduction to Language Acquisition & Development
Credits: 3
This survey course provides an overview of the language acquisition and development process from both current and historical perspectives. Factoring influencing language acquisition and development will be explored.
EDIS 4851: Content Area Seminar - Elementary Language Arts
Credits: 3
This seminar supports elementary teachers enrolled in the state-approved teacher education program. Designed to accompany the elementary clinical experience, this seminar provides opportunities for candidates to discuss and reflect on experiences in the clinical placement.
EDIS 4861: Clinical Experience in Elementary Education
Credits: 1–6
Semester-long intensive clinical experience designed to develop skills in fostering relationships with students, colleagues, and peers; observing and reflecting on teaching and learning; and designing and implementing individual, small group, and whole group instruction. Designed to support elementary teachers enrolled in the state-approved teacher education program.
EDIS 4871: Seminar: Teaching Internship - Elementary
Credits: 3
Designed to accompany the teaching internship experience (i.e., student teaching). Focuses on special issues and concerns that grow out of that experience, including such topics as classroom management, parent-teacher conferences, and school-community relations. Seminar sections are aligned with specific program/endorsement areas and meet the guidelines for the approved licensure program in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
EDIS 4881: Teaching Internship - Elementary
Credits: 1–12
A required student teaching internship for pre-service teachers, this full-semester experience is supervised by clinical instructors from the public schools and university supervisors. Course sections are aligned with specific program/endorsement areas and meet the guidelines for the approved licensure program in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Prerequisite: Admission to the Teacher Education Program.
EDIS 5210: Introduction to Language Development
Credits: 3
An overview of the language acquisition and development process. This course surveys current and historical perspectives on language acquisition and development and explores those factors influencing language acquisition and development. This class is a VA-DOE approved course for use by those seeking endorsement as English as a Second Language (ESOL) teachers.
EDIS 5424: Second Language Acquisition
Credits: 3
This course is for current and future teachers seeking to learn about second language acquisition (SLA) and how it relates to English learners. We learn existing theories of how students learn and acquire a second language, as well as individual, cultural, and contextual factors that influence language learning. We explore how theories about L1 learning are related to SLA theories and how L1s might or might not be reflected in school language.
EDIS 5480: Second Language Acquisition and Modern Language Teaching Methods: PreK-12
Credits: 3
Considers theory and research in second language acquisition; classroom instructional procedures that follow the National Standards, which incorporate interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational modes and foster successful communication in foreign languages; and selection of appropriate materials, realia, visuals, and media for instructional purposes. Prerequisite: Admission to the Teacher Education Program or Instructor Permission.
EDIS 5993: Independent Study
Credits: 1–6
Independent Study
EDIS 8999: Masters Thesis
Credits: 1–6
For master's research, taken under the supervision of a thesis director.
EDIS 9991: Ed.D. Research
Credits: 1–12
Ed.D. Research conducted under the guidance of dissertation/capstone committee. 12 hours required for graduation. Permission of Instructor required.
EDIS 9993: Independent Study
Credits: 1–6
Under close guidance of a faculty member, students work on an area of particular interest that cannot be met by a regularly scheduled course. A plan of study should be signed by the faculty sponsor and filed in the student's permanent file in the Office of Student Affairs. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.
EDIS 9998: Doctoral Research Apprenticeship
Credits: 3–12
Designed to give doctoral students experience conducting research in professional settings appropriate to their disciplines. Prerequisites: Advisor Permission Required
EDIS 9999: Doctoral Dissertation
Credits: 3–12
Doctoral Dissertation Research completed under the guidance of dissertation committee. 12 hours is required for graduation. Permission of instructor required.