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Sara Maloni

Assistant Professor
Unit: College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Department of Mathematics
Office location and address
309 Kerchof Hall
141 Cabell Dr
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
AS-MATH Geometry and Dynamics on Deformation Spaces of Geometric Structures
Source: U.S. NSF - Directorate Math. & Physical Sciences
July 01, 2016 – December 31, 2020
Directed Reading Program (DRP)
Source: University of San Diego
October 01, 2017 – September 30, 2019
Diversity and Inclusion in Mathematics at the University of Virginia
Source: University of Nebraska - Lincoln
October 01, 2017 – September 30, 2018
MATH 3351: Elementary Linear Algebra
Credits: 3
Includes matrices, elementary row operations, inverses, vector spaces and bases, inner products and Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization, orthogonal matrices, linear transformations and change of basis, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, and symmetric matrices. Credit is not given for both MATH 3350 and 3351. Prerequisite: MATH 1320.
MATH 3354: Survey of Algebra
Credits: 3
Surveys major topics of modern algebra: groups, rings, and fields. Presents applications to areas such as geometry and number theory; explores rational, real, and complex number systems, and the algebra of polynomials. Students without prior experience constructing rigorous proofs are encouraged to take Math 3000 before or concurrently with Math 3354. Prerequisite: MATH 1320.
MATH 4720: Introduction to Differential Geometry
Credits: 3
Geometric study of curves/surfaces/their higher-dimensional analogues. Topics vary and may include curvature/vector fields and the Euler characteristic/the Frenet theory of curves in 3-space/geodesics/the Gauss-Bonnet theorem/and/or an introduction to Riemannian geometry on manifolds. Prerequisites: MATH 2310 and MATH 3351 or instructor permission.
MATH 4840: Introduction to Mathematical Research
Credits: 3
This course will introduce students to the techniques and methods of mathematical research. Students will independently work with mathematical literature on a topic assigned by the instructor and present their findings in various formats (presentation, paper etc.).
MATH 4900: Distinguished Major Thesis
Credits: 3
This course provides a framework for the completion of a Distinguished Major Thesis, a treatise containing an exposition of a chosen mathematical topic. A faculty advisor guides a student through the beginning phases of the process of research and writing. Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Distinguished Major Program.
MATH 4901: Distinguished Major Thesis
Credits: 3
This is the second semester of a two semester sequence for the purpose of the completion of a Distinguished Major Thesis. A faculty member guides the student through all phases of the process which culminates in an open presentation of the thesis to an audience including a faculty evaluation committee. Prerequisite: MATH 4900.
MATH 4993: Independent Study
Credits: 1–3
Reading and study programs in areas of interest to individual students. For third- and fourth-years interested in topics not covered in regular courses. Students must obtain a faculty advisor to approve and direct the program.
MATH 7000: Seminar on College Teaching
Credits: 1–3
Discussion of issues related to the practice of teaching, pedagogical concerns in college level mathematics, and aspects of the responsibilities of a professional mathematician. Credits may not be used towards a Master's degree. Prerequisite: Graduate standing in mathematics.
MATH 8720: Differential Geometry
Credits: 3
Studies differential geometry in the large; connections; Riemannian geometry; Gauss-Bonnet formula; and differential forms.
MATH 9995: Independent Research
Credits: 3–9
Independent Research