Steven Johnson headshot

Steven L. Johnson

Associate Professor
Area Coordinator—Information Technology
Unit: McIntire School of Commerce
Department: McIntire School of Commerce
Office location and address
Rouss & Robertson Halls, Room 398
125 Ruppel Dr
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
Ph.D., Information Systems, University of Maryland
M.B.A., The College of William & Mary
B.S., Computer Science, The College of William & Mary

Professor Johnson’s primary research area is online communities and other social media that support open innovation. Additional research interests include social network analysis, echo chambers, diversity, and emerging information technology.

His research has appeared in top-tier management journals of MIS QuarterlyOrganization ScienceInformation Systems Research; and Harvard Business Review, as well as at international conferences sponsored by leading academic organizations, including the Academy of Management and the Association of Information Systems.

Professor Johnson served as an associate editor for MIS Quarterly (2016-2019) and is a senior editor for Information & Organization. He has taught numerous undergraduate and graduate courses, including systems and strategy, business analytics, and information technology management.

COMM 3050: Managerial Decision Making
Credits: 5
This course provides an overview of key quantitative and qualitative tools necessary for making effective individual- and team-based decisions. It includes a variety of topics that each emphasize three themes central to managerial decision making: (1) Data Management and Data Visualization, (2) Quantitative Analysis, and (3) Perception and Judgment. .
GCOM 7010: Global Strategy and Systems
Credits: 5
Global Strategy and Systems provides an overview of global business from both a strategic process perspective and the organization as a system. It introduces a broad conceptual framework involving strategic and critical thinking, business planning, and general management functions. It provides a foundation for the other core modules that develop more specific concepts and techniques. Restricted to MS in Commerce students.
GCOM 7652: Business Analytics for Decision Making
Credits: 3
This course exposes students to how business analytics are used in range of global managerial contexts. Students develop a toolkit of analytical competencies, while also gaining experience in solving business problems and communicating analytical findings.