Sarah Annunziato headshot

Sarah Elizabeth Annunziato

Associate Professor
Unit: College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Department for Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
Office location and address
New Cabell Hall 482
1605 Jefferson Park Ave
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
Ph.D.: The Johns Hopkins University, Italian, Department of German and Romance Languages and Literatures (2007)
B.A.: Smith College, Italian and Government, Cum Laude, Department of Italian Languages and Literatures and Department of Government (2000)
ITAL 1010: Elementary Italian I
Credits: 4
Introduction to speaking, understanding, reading, and writing Italian. Five class hours and one language laboratory hour. Followed by ITAL 1020.
ITAL 1020: Elementary Italian II
Credits: 4
Continuation of ITAL 1010. Prerequisite: ITAL 1010.
ITAL 2010: Intermediate Italian I
Credits: 3
Continued grammar, conversation, composition, readings, and an introduction to Italian literature. Prerequisite: ITAL 1020 or the equivalent. Note: The following courses have the prerequisite ITAL 2010, 2020, or permission of the department.
ITAL 2020: Intermediate Italian II
Credits: 3
Continuation of ITAL 2010.
ITAL 3010: Advanced Italian I
Credits: 3
Includes idiomatic Italian conversation and composition, anthological readings of literary texts in Italian, plus a variety of oral exercises including presentations, skits, and debates. Italian composition is emphasized through writing assignments and selective review of the fine points of grammar and syntax. Prerequisite: ITAL 2020.
ITTR 3559: New Course: Italian in Translation
Credits: 3
This course provides the opportunity to offer new topics with the subject of Italian in Translation.
ITAL 3559: New Course in Italian
Credits: 1–4
This course provides the opportunity to offer new topics in the subject of Italian.
ITTR 3690: Mafiosi vs Goodfellas: Organized Crime on Film in Italy & The USA
Credits: 3
Organized crime has long fascinated filmmakers from both Italy and the USA. But, how does each country portray this phenomenon and its effects on law, politics, and the individual? What socio-cultural and historical factors explain the different presentations? In this course, we will examine these questions through discussion and analysis of films from Italy and the United States, primary source documents, and novels.

2017-2018: Faculty Course Enhancement and Development Grant (co-recipient: Dr. Francesca Calamita), The Institute for World Languages at The University of Virginia.

2017: Grant Team Member, A Gendered Wor(l)d, led by Dr. Francesca Calamita. The Institute for World Languages at The University of Virginia.

2016-2017: Grant Team Member, Dolcissimo: Speak the Sweet Life, led by Dr. Francesca Calamita. The Institute for World Languages at The University of Virginia.

2000-2001: Singleton Fellowship, Johns Hopkins University.