Shannon Barker

Assistant Professor
Unit: School of Engineering and Applied Science
Department: Department of Biomedical Engineering
Office location and address
415 Lane Road
Charlottesville, Virginia 22908
BME 1501: Special Topics
Credits: 1
Student led special topic courses which vary by semester
ENGR 1624: Introduction to Engineering
Credits: 4
Cornerstone course for first-year SEAS undergraduates, introducing them to engineering practice and design philosophy, via exposure to open-ended, realistic , hands-on challenges. Students engage in both individual and team work, and consider the contexts in which engineering challenges arise. SEAS majors and potential career paths are also introduced. Students who have taken ENGR 1620 or 1621 or both, can't enroll in ENGR 1624.
BME 2102: Physiology II
Credits: 3
Introduces the physiology of the kidney, salt and water balance, gastrointestinal system, endocrine system, and central nervous system, with reference to diseases and their pathophysiology. Prerequisite: CHEM 1610, PHYS 1425, or instructor permission.
BME 3090: Biomedical Engineering Integrated Design and Experimental Analysis (IDEAS) Laboratory II
Credits: 4
Second half of a year-long course to integrate the concepts and skills from prior courses in order to formulate and solve problems in biomedical systems, including experimental design, performance, and analysis. Lab modules include testing in tissues/cells and manipulation of molecular constituents of living systems to determine their structural and functional characteristics and to design measurement or therapeutic systems. Methods include biochemical, physiological, cell biology, mechanical, electrical and computer, systems, chemical, imaging, and other approaches. Prerequisite: BIOM 3080 or instructor permission.
BME 4064: Biomedical Engineering Capstone Design II
Credits: 3
Second half of a year-long design project required for BME majors. Students select, formulate, and solve a design problem related to a device or a system. Projects use conceptual design, skills obtained in the integrated lab and substantial literature and patent reviews. Projects are sponsored by faculty, physicians and/or companies. Students may work on their own with outside team members when appropriate or with other students in integrative teams. Prerequisite: 4th year standing in the Biomedical Engineering major or instructor permission.
BME 4995: Biomedical Engineering Advanced Projects
Credits: 1–3
A year-long research project in biomedical engineering conducted in consultation with a department faculty advisor; usually related to ongoing faculty research. Includes the design, execution, and analysis of experimental laboratory work and computational or theoretical computer analysis of a problem. Requires a comprehensive report of the results. Prerequisite: third- or fourth-year standing, and instructor permission.
SYS 6555: Special Topics in Distance Learning
Credits: 3
Special Topics in Distance Learning