Richard Ridge

Assistant Professor
Unit: School of Nursing
Department: School of Nursing
Office location and address
225 Jeanette Lancaster Way
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
NUCO 4440: Trends and Issues in Clinical Nursing Practice
Credits: 3
This course expands the student's understanding of baccalaureate generalist practice, societal and health care trends, and emerging clinical nursing practice issues. Students propose solutions within the scope of nursing practice to address these issues. Students complete experiential learning projects focused on current trends and issues in health care, building upon their own nursing practice and previous learning experiences.
GNUR 5260: Care Environment Management I & Leading Teams
Credits: 3
Building on the CNL leadership courses, the course focuses on managing the care environment. Students are introduced to the health care system as a laterally integrated environment, with an organizational theory framework. Emphasis is placed on quality improvement, patient centered care, and evidence based practice to facilitate a culture of quality and safety. Students apply informatics in assessing the environment and improving outcomes. Prerequisite: Graduate standing or instructor permission.
GNUR 5270: Care Environment Management II
Credits: 3
The course emphasizes the role of the Clinical Nurse Leader as a leader, educator, and advocate for safe, cost effective, and quality care. It examines active participation and communication strategies of the clinical nurse leader within the interdisciplinary system. Students develop competency in nursing informatics to monitor and improve organizational and clinical performance. Prerequisite: GNUR 5260.
GNUR 6054: Research and Biostatistical Processes for Health Care
Credits: 4
This course provides an introduction to nursing and health care-related research and bio-statistical analysis. This course provides the basic skills and knowledge to critique research, develop a research plan, and to develop an evidence-based practice. Prerequisite: Undergraduate or graduate applied statistics course within the past five years.
GNUR 6455: Finance & Resource Management
Credits: 3
Course emphasizes use of quantitative analysis in support of data based management decisions. The context of decision-making will be from the perspective of health care providers, managers, and planners. Data based decision-making is made based on resource allocation at the individual, unit, organizational, and population level analysis. The use of data to influence quality decisions relevant to clinical and administrative managers is the focus. Prerequisite: GNUR 6470 or 8650 and 6450
GNUR 8670: Resilient Leadership and Resource Management in Complex Healthcare Systems
Credits: 4
This course provides foundational knowledge so the DNP student will be a resilient leader in the translation of evidence into practice and in driving quality improvement in complex systems. Leadership and change theory, and data driven decision making will be integrated with self-leadership, resiliency, communication skills, and advocacy as the foundation for leadership in the practice setting. Data based resource management will be emphasized.