Robert Parham headshot

Robert Parham

Assistant Professor
Unit: McIntire School of Commerce
Department: McIntire School of Commerce
Office location and address
Rouss & Robertson Halls, Room 380
125 Ruppel Dr
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
Ph.D., Finance, University of Rochester
M.B.A., Finance, Tel Aviv University
M.Sc., Computer Science, Technion
B.A., Computer Science, Technion

Professor Parham conducts research on the growth of high-R&D firms. Most recently, he documented how the transfer of firm-specific knowledge to new employees creates a constraint on the pace of firm growth. A second field of interest to him is the investment decisions of individuals. He conducts empirical research on how media attention affects individual investment decisions and how these attention-fueled decisions affect financial markets.

Before joining the McIntire faculty, Professor Parham was head of the cybersecurity academy at the Israeli intelligence corps, and a cybersecurity product manager at Microsoft. He also helped found MUV Interactive, an Israeli Internet-of-Things start-up, and is a consultant to several other start-ups.

COMM 3720: Intermediate Corporate Finance
Credits: 3
A rigorous introduction to the full field of finance. Students should gain an appreciation of the role of financial markets and institutions in our economy as well as an introduction to the responsibilities, concerns, and methods of analysis employed by corporate financial managers. We focus on the two fundamental aspects of financial decision-making: time value and risk (modern portfolio theory, the capital asset pricing model, and alternatives). The concepts of time value and risk are used to value the two basic financial assets, bonds and stocks, as well as real assets, investment projects, and companies. In addition, the course introduces derivative securities (options, futures) and discusses their application in a wide variety of settings (real options, contingent claims valuation of equity). The course also covers the theory and practice of capital structure decisions (Modigliani and Miller, taxes, bankruptcy costs, asymmetric information, agency) and dividend decisions. The course will include a thorough discussion of market efficiency and an introduction to the field of behavioral finance. A unifying theme of the course is how no-arbitrage conditions and the law of one price can be used to value most financial assets. The emphasis in this course (both in and out of class) will be on problem solving. Prerequisite: COMM 3010, 3020, and 3030.
COMM 4993: Independent Study in Commerce
Credits: 1–3
Independent study under the supervision of a Commerce instructor. A project directly related to business must be submitted to, and approved by, the supervising instructor prior to the Commerce School add date. Students may take COMM 4993 only once. Prerequisite: Fourth-year Commerce standing.