Rachel Kunemund

Assistant Professor
Unit: School of Education and Human Development
Department: School of Education and Human Development
Office location and address
417 Emmet St S
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
EDIS 4100: Characteristics of Individuals with Emotional & Behavioral Disabilities
Credits: 1
This course explores the meaning and concepts associated with the field of emotional and behavioral disabilities, including the psychological and behavioral characteristics of individuals with emotional and behavioral disabilities. Topics include specific causes, assessment, and treatment of emotional and behavioral disabilities. Educational, psychological, historical, and medical implications are addressed.
EDIS 5041: Behavior & Classroom Management
Credits: 3
Examination of principles and applications of behavior analysis in education settings. Students learn fundamental concepts of human behavior as well as procedures for managing classroom behavior and routines for establishing positive learning environments.
EDIS 5071: Special Education Technology
Credits: 1
This course explores the use of instructional and assistive technology to enhance student progress and participation in academic areas. Theory, evaluation strategies, and what technology use looks like in reading, writing, mathematics, and everyday communication will be discussed.