Rita Koganzon headshot

Rita Koganzon

Assistant Professor
Unit: College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Department of Politics
Office location and address
Gibson 163
1540 Jefferson Park Ave
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
PhD, Harvard, Government
BA, University of Chicago, History

Rita Koganzon is Associate Director of the Program on Constitutionalism and Democracy and a Lecturer in the Department of Politics. She is a political theorist specializing in the history of political thought. Her research focuses on the themes of childhood, education, and the family in political thought. She has published articles on the family in Hobbes, Locke’s educational writings, and the educational ideas of the American founders. She is currently working on a book that examines the relationship between familial and political authority in English and French political thought from the sixteenth through the eighteenth centuries. She received her PhD in Government from Harvard University, and her BA in History from the University of Chicago.

INST 1550: Interdisciplinary Studies-Student Initiated Courses
Credits: 1–3
With sponsorship and supervision by a faculty member and approval of the Dean's Office, acting for the Committee on Educational Programs and the Curriculum, students may initiate a course in which they provide the instruction. The grade is determined by the faculty member. These courses count as "outside the College." Students in the College may offer no more than 3.0 credits for the B.A. or B.S. Consult the INST course web page at http://www.uvastudentcouncil.com/student-services/initiatives/cavalier-education-program/ (copy and paste Web address into browser) for specific descriptions.
PLAP 2250: American Political Tradition
Credits: 3
This course explores the theoretical ideas that informed the creation and development of America's political system and considers some of the major contemporary challenges to the maintenance of American liberal democracy. Topics to be treated include the political thought of the American Founders, the place of religion in public life, the nature of written constitutions and the role of America in the world.
PLAP 3400: American Political Economy
Credits: 3
This course explores the historical development of the American economic system since the Founding, and its relationship with political institutions. We will examine various economic regimes such as mercantilism, Progressivism, the welfare state, and neoliberalism, among others. While some basic economic principles will occasionally be drawn upon, no previous knowledge of economics is required for the course.
PLAP 3500: Special Topics in American Politics
Credits: 3
Topical offerings in American Politics
PLPT 4500: Special Topics in Political Theory
Credits: 3
Investigates a special problem of political theory such as political corruption, religion and politics, science and politics, or the nature of justice. Prerequisite: One course in PLPT or instructor permission.
PLPT 5993: Selected Problems in Theory and Method
Credits: 1–3
Independent study under faculty supervision, for students who are preparing for intensive research on a specific topic. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.