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Unit: School of Law
Department: School of Law
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Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
LAW 7011: Comparative Constitutional Law
Credits: 3
The seminar will explore the issues entailed in the drafting and uses of a constitution. To what extent do constitutions reflect universal values (such as human rights), and to what extent are they grounded in the culture and values of a particular people? How much borrowing goes on in the writing of a constitution?
LAW 7021: Courts
Credits: 3
This course takes an interdisciplinary, comparative, and empirical perspective on the design and operation of courts as institutions.
PLCP 7500: Special Topics in Comparative Politics
Credits: 3
Special Topics in Comparative Politics
LAW 8812: Independent Research
Credits: 2
This course is a semester-long independent research project resulting in a substantial research paper supervised and graded by a selected law school faculty member