Gretchen Wiersma

Assistant Professor
Unit: School of Nursing
Department: School of Nursing
Office location and address
3300 Gallows Rd
Falls Church, Virginia 22042
NUCO 4420: Foundations of Professional Nursing
Credits: 3
This course is the first course for students enrolled in the RN to BSN program. Course content includes standardized taxonomies, interprofessional collaboration, career exploration, and development of skills in information technology, professional writing and presentation. Emphasis is on identifying and analyzing scholarly literature, critical thinking and analysis, and refining communication skills through written and oral presentations.
NUIP 4430: Introduction to Statistics in Health Care Research
Credits: 3
This course is an introduction to data analysis for nursing and healthcare-related research. Course emphasis is on practical application and understanding how the research question drives the choice of particular statistical procedures. Descriptive and univariate inferential statistics will be covered. Students will learn how to create and manage simple databases in SPSS, interpret SPSS outputs, and draw statistical conclusions.