Peter Johannessen

Assistant Professor
Unit: Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy
Department: Frank Batten School of Leadership & Public Policy
Office location and address
235 McCormick Rd
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
LPPP 3200: Introduction to Public Policy
Credits: 3
This course will introduce students to both the process of public policy and the tools of policy analysis. The first part examines the actors, institutions, and procedures involved in the adoption, implementation, and evaluation of public policy. The second part introduces students to the basic concepts and tools of policy analysis including problem definition, specification of alternatives, and solution analysis.
LPPP 3255: Comparative Policy History
Credits: 3
Course will survey the historical development of key public policy issues in cross-national perspective. What explains the similarities and differences in the content of the policy agendas across nations? Why do different nations often respond to similar problems in very different ways? Examples of issues that will be explored include health care, education, immigration, environment, and social policy.
LPPP 3559: New Course in Public Policy and Leadership
Credits: 3
Investigates a selected issue in public policy or leadership.
LPPS 4260: Politics of Development
Credits: 3
How can we understand patterns of human development around the world? More specifically, how does politics affect health, prosperity and security? Through this course, you will become a critical consumer of explanations for human development and you will learn how to propose and evaluate development initiatives with a keen understanding of the importance of political factors.
LPPP 4991: Capstone Seminar
Credits: 3
Students will produce a report providing an analysis of the problem, the policy options available, and their action recommendations. Students will improve their ability to work in teams and hone their written and oral presentation skills.
LPPP 6500: Topics in Public Policy
Credits: 1
Investigates a selected issue in public policy or leadership.