Paul Yates

Associate Professor
Unit: School of Medicine
Department: Department of Ophthalmology
Office location and address
409 Lane Rd
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
TOGA Galderma Stats
Source: Galderma Laboratories, L.P.
July 26, 2021 – March 31, 2022
MD-OPHT Roche Boulevard DME Study
Source: Genentech, Inc
June 07, 2016 – June 06, 2018
MD-OPHTH: Roche Wet AMD PAY Phase 2
Source: Roche TCRC, Inc.
July 27, 2015 – June 30, 2017
Adipose Stem Cells for Diabetic Retinopathy
Source: U.S. NIH Eye Institute
July 01, 2012 – June 30, 2016
Source: Roche TCRC, Inc.
October 25, 2013 – December 31, 2015
MD-OPHT A New Approach to the Treatment of Retinopathy of Prematurity
Source: U.S. NIH Eye Institute
August 01, 2009 – July 31, 2015
REEF: Evaluation of Tetracycline Derivatives for the Treatment of Dry Macular Degeneration
Source: Richmond Eye & Ear Foundation
March 01, 2011 – October 01, 2014
MD-OPHT: Regeneron VIEW-1 Extension Study: VGEF-Trap for AMD
Source: Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
March 02, 2010 – August 31, 2014
MD-OPHT Genentech-FVF4170g-Efficacy and Safety of Ranibizumab Injections Vs. Sham Injections for DME
Source: Genentech, Inc
October 23, 2007 – May 01, 2014
Source: Genentech, Inc
October 25, 2013 – October 25, 2013
BME 8995: M.E. Supervised Project Research (M.E. STUDENTS ONLY)
Credits: 1–6
FOR M.E. STUDENTS ONLY. A research project in biomedical engineering conducted in consultation with a faculty advisor. Includes the design, execution, and analysis of experimental laboratory work and computational or theoretical computer analysis of a problem. Fulfills the project requirement for the Biomedical Engineering Masters of Engineering degree. Prerequisites: Instructor Permission Required.
BME 8999: Master's Research
Credits: 1–12
Master's Research
BME 9999: Dissertation
Credits: 1–12
Formal record of student commitment to doctoral research under the guidance of a faculty advisor. May be repeated as necessary.