Naomi Cahn

Unit: School of Law
Department: School of Law
Office location and address
580 Massie Rd
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
LAW 7190: Aging and the Law Lecture
Credits: 3
This course will survey significant issues in the law of aging, with special emphasis on intergenerational justice and the public policy challenges presented by an aging population.
LAW 8018: Trusts and Estates
Credits: 3–4
The course will cover intestate succession; requirements for the execution, revocation, republication, and revival of wills and codicils; probate procedure and grounds for will contests; requisites for the creation and termination of private trusts; inter vivos transactions that serve as will substitutes; planning for incapacity; and problems in the interpretation of wills.
LAW 8812: Independent Research
Credits: 2
This course is a semester-long independent research project resulting in a substantial research paper supervised and graded by a selected law school faculty member