Harald Sontheimer

Unit: School of Medicine
Department: Department of Neuroscience
Office location and address
409 Lane Rd
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
Changes in cerebrovascular function with aging in normal and AD brain
Source: U.S. NIH Institute on Aging
August 15, 2021 – December 31, 2024
Role of Perineuronal Nets in Epilepsy
Source: U.S. NIH Institute of Neurological Disorders & Str
May 01, 2021 – November 30, 2024
Regulation of Amino-acid Transport in Human Gliomas
Source: U.S. NIH Cancer Institute
June 18, 2021 – November 30, 2023
NESC 9999: Non-Topical Research
Credits: 1–12
For doctoral research, under the supervision of a dissertation director.