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Michael C. Swanberg

Assistant Professor of Nursing
Unit: School of Nursing
Department: School of Nursing
Office location and address
CMNEB 2016
202 Jeanette Lancaster Way
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

Curiosity is the best point of departure for any journey, especially an adventure in nursing. My journey began after spending a year travelling through Asia in 1978. What Maslow termed a “peak emotional experience” occurred one afternoon in India.  Throwing up my hands in desperation at the poverty and disease, I thought “I wish someone would help these people.”  It suddenly became clear that I had to be the change I wanted to see happen.  Returning to the United States, I enrolled in nursing school.

My career in maternal/child health, my experiences as a public school teacher in a Harlem neighborhood of New York City, and my Peace Corps volunteer work in Africa, have all helped to inform my decision to enroll in a PhD program at the University of Virginia. Currently my topics of interest include: the causes and conditions that contribute to infant mortality in Charlottesville; African American health disparities; end-of-life issues; and homelessness due to intimate partner violence.

NUCO 2330: Health Assessment
Credits: 3
Patient Centered Health Assessment focuses on obtaining a holistic health history and physical examination of the individual patient. The patient's developmental level and cultural, spiritual, and social dimensions provide the basis for developing a patient centered health assessment. Best practices are emphasized through the correct demonstration of physical examination techniques and the use of appropriate screening tools for clinical risks.
NUCO 3610: Patient-Family Centered Care: Maternal/Child Nursing
Credits: 4
This course introduces students to the nursing process as it applies to the care of obstetric, gynecologic, and newborn clients. Health and wellness strategies are emphasized along with disease states specific to the reproductive period as students care for women and families in the hospital and the community.
NUCO 4056: Introduction to Health Policy
Credits: 3
Intro. health policy & its impact on organizational, local, national, & global issues of access, equity, quality, safety, & social justice in the practice environ. Social, ethical, economic, & political issues that affect the delivery of health & nursing services are analyzed. The role of RNs in advocating & influencing change thru the devel. & imprv. of healthcare policies for patients, the nursing profession, & healthcare systems are explored.
NUCO 4210: Patient-Family Centered Care: Public Health Nursing and Population Health
Credits: 4
This course emphasizes the application of public health and population health theories. Students are introduced to a range of public health nursing roles and are able to integrate knowledge from previous clinical courses into this course. Students apply new skills and knowledge in a variety of community based and public health settings.
GCNL 5140: Clin Prac & Decision-Making: Nursing Care of Women & Childbearing Families
Credits: 3
This course encompasses the care of women through the lifespan with an emphasis on the childbearing period, spanning preconception planning and care through pregnancy, birth and family integration. The course presents the management of normal and high-risk pregnancy and explores the social, cultural, economic and other factors that impact the changing individual and family dynamics. Prerequisites: NUIP 3020
GCNL 5150: Clinical Practice & Decision-Making: Community Health Nursing
Credits: 3
The course emphasizes application of concepts, theories and competencies that are the foundation for population-focused nursing practice in a community setting. Students have opportunities to engage in direct and/or indirect care to culturally diverse individuals, families, aggregates and communities. Prerequisites: NUIP 3020, GCNL 5120 and GCNL 5130.

Rodriguez Nursing Student Research and Leadership Scholarship, University of Virginia, School of Nursing (2012)

Anne Hemmings Pollok Fellow for Excellence in Clinical Teaching, University of Virginia, School of Nursing (2010)