Marcos Pires

Associate Professor
Unit: College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Department of Chemistry
Office location and address
409 McCormick Rd
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
TLR5 signaling as a conserved mechanism of impaired anti-tumor immunity
Source: U.S. NIH Cancer Institute
March 01, 2021 – February 28, 2026
AS-CHEM Chemical Remodeling of Cell Surface to Enhance the Accumulation of Therapetic Bacteria to Tumors
Source: U.S. NIH Cancer Institute
January 01, 2022 – December 31, 2023
AS-CHEM Unraveling Bacterial Cell Wall Biosynthesis and Sensing via Synthetic Analogs
Source: U.S. NIH Institute of General Medical Science
January 10, 2020 – August 31, 2022
CHEM 1400: Foundations of Chemical Principles
Credits: 3
Establishes a foundation in basic chemical principles. Topics include structure of the atom, periodic table and trends, covalent and ionic bonding, the mole, solutions and liquids, chemical reactions and gases. Primarily for students with a limited background in high school chemistry who intend to enroll in CHEM 1410. Three class hours. No laboratory. Enrollment by instructor permission only.
CHEM 4430: From Lab Bench to Your Medicine Cabinet
Credits: 3
This course will focus on methods of drug discovery. The class will include reading primary literature and discussions about topics ranging from natural products to gene therapy. Students will prepare a paper and presentation on the mechanism of action, timeline of discovery, importance of pharmacokinetics, and the role of basic research in the discovery for a select group of therapeutics Prerequisites: CHEM 4410
CHEM 5420: Advanced Biological Chemistry II: Macromolecular Structure and Function
Credits: 3
Covers three main areas: (1) the structure and function of biological membranes, (2) complex biochemical systems and processes, including photosynthesis, oxidative phosphorylation, vision, neurotransmission, hormonal regulation, muscle contraction and microtubules, and (3) molecular biology, including DNA metabolism, protein synthesis, regulation of gene expression and recombinant DNA methodology. Three class hours,. (Y) Prerequistes: CHEM 7430 or permission of instructor.
CHEM 9460: Research in Chemical Microbiology & Immunotherapy
Credits: 1–12
Students will conduct research in chemical microbiology and immunotherapy using appropriate methods and instrumentation.