Michelle Beavers

Associate Professor of Education, General Faculty
Unit: Curry School of Education
Department: Curry School of Education
Office location and address
405 Emmet St S
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
EDLF 7140: LEAD II: Professional Learning
Credits: 3
The commitment to effective professional learning increases educator effectiveness, providing a vehicle through which leaders can navigate change and seek improvement in their schools. Leaders who foster an environment of adult learning and build capacity to lead learning enhances the quality of instruction and student outcomes. Providing the tools and resources, leaders can create accessible means to develop new knowledge, skills, and practices.
EDLF 7805: Cultivating Professional Capacity
Credits: 3
Through research based practices and theoretical framing, students learn to build schools' professional capacity through recruitment, interviewing, induction, professional development, evaluation, and compensation. The process is considered in school and policy contexts with attention to ethical and diversity considerations. Students develop actionable plans for employing, supporting, and retaining professional capacity as a leader.
EDLF 7807: Leadership Experiences, Applications & Development
Credits: 3
The role of principal is complex and demanding, but no other individual in a school is better positioned to impact student achievement and faculty morale. Students consider the school as an organization, and examine the routines and tools school leaders and teachers use to analyze and act on its management and climate, and then apply improvement science to identify effective and ineffective practices for a problem of practice in the specific area.
EDLF 8988: Administrative Internship
Credits: 1–3
Administrative Internship
EDLF 9991: Ed.D. Research
Credits: 1–12
Ed.D. Research conducted under the guidance of capstone committee. 12 hours required for graduation. Permission of Instructor required.
EDLF 9993: Independent Study
Credits: 1–12
Under close faculty guidance, students work on an area of interest not covered by the curriculum. A plan of study must be signed by the faculty sponsor and filed in the student's permanent file in the Office of Student Affairs. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.