Michael Luegering

Assistant Professor
Unit: School of Architecture
Department: Department of Landscape Architecture
Office location and address
110 Bayly Dr
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
PLAN 2020: Planning Design
Credits: 4
Studies the principles of design; the architecture of cities and urban design; perception of space and visual analysis; graphic presentation, including mapping techniques; and inventories, information storage, retrieval and use. Prerequisite PLAN 2110
PLAN 2110: Digital Visualization for Planners
Credits: 4
Digital technology for representing and analyzing planning data will include photo-editing, web page design, geographic information system mapping, spreadsheet modeling, and document layout and production. The major emphasis will be on two- and three- dimensional representation of spaces common to planning: streetscape, neighborhoods, communities and regions. Representation of the past, the present and prospective futures to both professional and citizen audiences will receive critical attention.
LAR 6220: EcoTech II
Credits: 4
The course intends to establish a solid base of technical knowledge about the physical & performative characteristics of traditional building materials& emerging alternatives related to landscape architecture. Students will be encouraged to become astute observers & skilled recorders at the detail to landscape scales, while obtaining a greater materials sensibility to the design & construction processes that eventually translate into constructed land.
SARC 6710: Design Computation 1
Credits: 3
The Design Computation sequence introduces computational thinking and design in the context of long-standing architectural technologies. Design Computation 1 focuses on computational fundamentals, spatial structures, and associative modeling
LAR 7010: Foundation Studio III
Credits: 6
Semester long design project, usually of a complex urban or suburban site that explores the contemporary public realm at multiple scales, from the urban watershed to the detail.
LAR 7020: Foundation IV
Credits: 6
LAR 7020 is grounded in issues of urban design. Fundamental aspects of urban form are explored in contemporary contexts of cities impacted by urgent environmental, economic and social circumstances. Design propositions are generated at the scale of landscape infrastructure to that of individual citizens. Prerequisite: of ALAR 7010