Meiqin Li

Assistant Professor
Unit: School of Engineering and Applied Science
Department: Department of Engineering and Society
Office location and address
156 Engineer's Way
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
APMA 1000: Preparation for Engineering Mathematics
Credits: 1–3
Covers the fundamental concepts necessary for success in engineering courses and Applied Mathemtics courses.
APMA 1110: Single Variable Calculus II
Credits: 4
Advanced techniques of integration are introduced, and integration is used in physics applications like fluid force, work, and center of mass. Improper integrals and approximate integration using Simpson's Rule are also studied. Infinite series including Taylor series are studied and numerical methods involving Taylor polynomials are studied. Parametric equations and polar coordinates are introduced and applied. Complex numbers are introduced.
APMA 2120: Multivariable Calculus
Credits: 4
Topics include vectors in three-space and vector valued functions. The multivariate calculus, including partial differentiation, multiple integrals, line and surface integrals, and the vector calculus, including Green's theorem, the divergence theorem, and Stokes's theorem. Applications. Prerequisite: APMA 1110.
APMA 2130: Ordinary Differential Equations
Credits: 4
First order differential equations, second order and higher order linear differential equations, reduction of order, undetermined coefficients, variation of parameters, series solutions, Laplace transforms, linear systems of first order differential equations and the associated matrix theory, numerical methods. Applications. Prerequisite: APMA 2120 or equivalent.
APMA 3080: Linear Algebra
Credits: 3
Analyzes systems of linear equations; vector spaces; linear dependence; bases; dimension; linear mappings; matrices; determinants; eigenvalues; eigenvectors; coordinates; diagonalization; inner product spaces. Prerequisite: APMA 2120 or equivalent.
APMA 3100: Probability
Credits: 3
A calculus-based introduction to probability theory and its applications in engineering and applied science. Includes counting techniques, conditional probability, independence, discrete and continuous random variables, probability distribution functions, expected value and variance, joint distributions, covariance, correlation, the Central Limit theorem, the Poisson process, an introduction to statistical inference. Prerequisite: APMA 2120 or equivalent.
APMA 3501: Special Topics in Applied Mathematics
Credits: 1–4
Applies mathematical techniques to special problems of current interest. Topic for each semester are announced at the time of course enrollment.