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Beth Epstein

Associate Professor
Unit: School of Nursing
Department: School of Nursing
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McLeod 4062
202 Jeanette Lancaster Way
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
The Integrated Translational Health Research Institute of Virginia (iTHRIV): using Data to Improve Health - UL1
Source: U.S. NIH Center for Advancing Translational Scienc
February 27, 2019 – January 31, 2024
NR-Carolina Center of Excellence in Total Worker Health
Source: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
September 01, 2021 – August 31, 2022
NR- Evaluating a Health System-Wide Intervention for Moral Distress
Source: American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
March 01, 2016 – March 31, 2020
NURS 4993: Independent Study
Credits: 1–3
Independent study in Nursing
GCNL 5020: Principles of Pharmacology
Credits: 3
Provides a theoretical foundation in pharmacology and its place in nursing practice. Includes general principles of pharmacology, the therapeutic implications of major drug categories, mechanisms of drug action, side effects of drugs, and the implications for nursing management. Prerequisite: Anatomy and physiology.
GNUR 6050: Theoretical Foundations of Nursing
Credits: 3
This course focuses on the specialized knowledge in nursing including nursing theory, ethical principles, historical perspectives, and aesthetics. Emphasis is placed on relating these dimensions to the student's professional nursing practice. The role of praxis, empirics, ethics, and aesthetics in theory development is studied. The course goal is to prepare practitioners of nursing to interpret current literature of nursing and its application. Prerequisite: Graduate standing or instructor permission.
GNUR 6455: Finance & Resource Management
Credits: 3
Course emphasizes use of quantitative analysis in support of data based management decisions. The context of decision-making will be from the perspective of health care providers, managers, and planners. Data based decision-making is made based on resource allocation at the individual, unit, organizational, and population level analysis. The use of data to influence quality decisions relevant to clinical and administrative managers is the focus. Prerequisite: GNUR 6470 or 8650 and 6450
GNUR 6993: Independent Master's Study
Credits: 1–4
Individually planned study in nursing specialty, administration, education, or research. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.
GNUR 8420: Proposal Writing Seminar II
Credits: 2
Continues to develop and refine the research proposal begun in GNUR 8410. Includes incorporating feedback from peers and a professional editorial consultant. The final product is a submitted grant proposal. Prerequisite: GNUR 8410.
GNUR 8435: Scholarship in Research Ethics
Credits: 1
This course focuses on ethical issues arising in research with human and vertebrate non-human research subjects, in the laboratory, community, and clinical environment. It examines basic policies governing research, with a special emphasis on moral issues such as informed consent, the inclusion of vulnerable and complex populations, and community research. It also includes the responsible conduct of research.
GNUR 8640: Nursing Ethics for Advanced Practice
Credits: 3
This doctoral-level seminar course is designed to enhance the student's ability to describe and analyze ethical concepts foundational to nursing practice and utilize a variety of ethical decision-making frameworks to address ethical dilemmas arising from increasingly complex care, use of technology, consequences of policy interventions, and global health issues. Students will be challenged to examine individual and professional values, as well as critically analyze diverse perspectives on various ethical issues. The course emphasizes the DNP's leadership role in promoting ethical care delivery at all levels of care, from individual to system. Prerequisite: Graduate standing or instructor permission.
GNUR 8993: Independent Study
Credits: 1–4
Independent Study in Nursing
GNUR 9020: Selected Topics
Credits: 1–3
Advanced level individual study of self-selected topics under the guidance and supervision of a faculty member. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.
GNUR 9110: Research Practicum I
Credits: 1–4
This course provides the student with opportunity to develop and refine research skills by participating in an ongoing research study. Students should plan on devoting 8 hours a week for each 9110 credit enrolled each semester. Students must register for GNUR 9110 for a total of 4 credits. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor and advisor.
GNUR 9998: Doctoral Research
Credits: 1–12
Students register for GNUR 9998 concurrently with course work until the dissertation proposal is successfully defended. Credits from non-topical research are not counted in the total program hours of credit. Prerequisite: Permission of faculty advisor.
GNUR 9999: Dissertation Research
Credits: 3–12
A culminating experience that requires the student to plan and implement a research study of significance. Prerequisite: Permission of dissertation chair.