Leon Szeptycki

Unit: School of Law
Department: School of Law
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Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
EVSC 4991: The Theory and Practice of Biodiversity Conservation
Credits: 3
The goal of this class is to rigorously compare real-life conservation program implementation with the theoretical goals of conservation science. This course is a senior-level offering designed to serve as a capstone class for students enrolled in the Environmental and Biological Conservation Specialization program and will be presented in a seminar format where a theoretical presentation of conservation science within the context is presented. Prerequisite: EVSC 3200 (fund. of Ecology) or BIOL 3020 (Evolution and Ecology)
LAW 7091: Water Law and Policy
Credits: 2–3
This course will review state and federal laws governing water and disputes between competing water uses. Topics will include public rights to water and resolving water use disputes; protecting water quality of lakes, rivers, and streams; federal laws affecting the allocation and use of water (the Clean Water Act, the Federal Power Act, the Endangered Species Act) and the law governing interstate water disputes.
LAW 8810: Directed Research
Credits: 1
Eligible students receive credit for serving as research assistants supervised by selected law school faculty members.
LAW 8811: Independent Research
Credits: 1
This course is a semester-long independent research project resulting in a substantial research paper supervised and graded by a selected law school faculty member.
LAW 9076: Natural Resources Law and Policy
Credits: 3
The seminar surveys the laws and policies governing the management of lands and natural resources under federal ownership (some one-third of the nation's continental land area).
LAW 9175: Theory and Practice of Biodiversity Conservation
Credits: 3
This seminar will be jointly offered in the Law School and the Department of Environmental Sciences and co-taught by members of those departments. The course will use several species restoration initiatives of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) to study biodiversity conservation.