Laura Roberts

Unit: Darden School of Business
Department: Darden Graduate School of Business
Office location and address
Darden Sands Family Grounds
Arlington, Virginia 22209
GBUS 7119: Explorations in Enterprise Leadership- Part IV
Credits: 2
Washington, DC region provides a wealth of opportunities for engaging directly with topics relevant to the challenges of leading a global firm, exploring the challenges of managing diverse stakeholders, & discussing how we can leverage concepts from across our curriculum as we manage the uncertainties facing contemporary leaders. Course provides a diverse range of leadership experiences & topics.
GBUS 7815: Leadership Residency 1-Leading Change
Credits: 3
Leadership Residency 1 challenges students to develop an understanding of and an appreciation for taking an enterprise perspective when making any management decision. Students will learn what an enterprise perspective involves, what it means to manage/lead with an enterprise perspective, and what the implications of that perspective for themselves as leaders are. The course is a mix of traditional academic pedagogy and experiential activities.
GBUS 8155: Talent Management
Credits: 2
This course will introduce a strategic, resource-based approach to talent mgmt, which features generative practices that systematically bring out the best in people at work. We will focus on three core talent mgmt practices; alignment, engagement, and development. Through multimedia case studies and accompanying readings, students will examine how these interrelated practices help people "get connected" to work
GBUS 8619: Leading Teams
Credits: 2
This course examines how interpersonal processes, organizational contexts, and structural characteristics of teams influence their performance and productivity. The goal of the course is to provide students with a knowledge base and understanding of the mechanisms that set teams up for success, as well as the chance to practice designing, participating, and leading collaborative work. T
GBUS 8706: Leadership, Diversity and Leveraging Difference
Credits: 2
The course consists of a case and text-based learning experience that focuses on the leadership challenges involved in leveraging diversity. Students will learn how leaders must have the basic skills and the ability and willingness to recognize diversity and then leverage it through invitation, inclusion, and inspiration.
GBUS 8930: Negotiations
Credits: 2
This course focuses on two-party negotiations in a wide variety of settings ranging from simple buyer-seller bargains to complex, multi-issue strategic relationships. Most class sessions revolve around the results of negotiations between class members that are conducted prior to class, as preparation for the session. The results of these negotiations are displayed each day and provide an opportunity for explicit feedback on each student's negotiating performance. Class discussion reviews the wide variety of experiences in the specific negotiation and develops and tests hypotheses regarding effective behaviors, tactics, and strategies. The resulting ideas are reinforced and further developed through a series of weekly readings. Finally, the course offers several frameworks for codifying each student's negotiation toolkit and for describing each student's negotiation behavior.