Lee Lockwood

Associate Professor
Unit: College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Department of Economics
Office location and address
248 McCormick Rd
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
ECON 4310: Economics of the Public Sector
Credits: 3
Studies the justifications for government activities, the design of programs consistent with these justifications, the effects of major existing and proposed expenditure programs and taxes, and positive and normative analyses of political systems. Prerequisite: ECON 3010 or 3110.
ECON 4880: Seminar in Policy Analysis
Credits: 3
Introduces the methods used to estimate the effects of existing and proposed government programs. Methods will be illustrated with applications to several areas of government policy. Students will complete an empirical policy analysis under faculty supervision. Prerequisite: ECON 3010 or 3110, ECON 3720, and ECON 4310.
ECON 4999: Distinguished Majors Thesis
Credits: 1–3
Supervised research culminating in the writing of a Distinguished Majors thesis. Restricted to members of the Distinguished Majors Program.
ECON 8310: Public Economics I
Credits: 3
Topics include the justifications for government activities; principles of program analysis; illustrative theoretical and empirical analysis of expenditure programs; and theories of political processes. Prerequisite: ECON 7030 or instructor permission.
ECON 8320: Public Economics II
Credits: 3
Studies the foundations of excess burden, incidence analysis, and optimal taxation; studies of taxation; general equilibrium analysis for tax policy; and the study of tax reform. Prerequisite: ECON 7030 or instructor permission.
ECON 8450: Public Economics Workshop
Credits: 3
Studies current research in public economics. Prerequisite: Third-year status or instructor permission.
ECON 9999: Non-Topical Research
Credits: 1–12
For doctoral dissertation, taken under the supervision of the first reader or prospective first reader.