Kathryn Quissell

Assistant Professor
Unit: School of Medicine
Department: PBHS Public Health Sciences Admin
Office location and address
1335 Lee St
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
PHS 3186: Comparative Health Care Systems
Credits: 3
Provides a background for students who may be interested in learning about challenges & opportunities for improvement in health status for citizens in all countries. Although at the operational level, each national system is unique, there are common characteristics that permeate the design & structure of most health care delivery sectors. The major health reform activities occurring in developed & developing countries will be highlighted.
PHS 4050: Public Health Policy
Credits: 3
Explores the legitimacy, design, & implementation of a variety of policies aiming to promote public health & reduce the social burden of disease & injury. Highlights the challenge posed by public health's pop-based perspective to traditional ind-centered, autonomy-driven approaches to bioethics & const. law. Other themes center on conflicts between PH & pub morality & the relationship between PH and social justice.
PHS 4991: Global Public Health Capstone
Credits: 3
Explores topics in global public health and the myriad of governmental and non-governmental entities whose goal is to address and resolve problems encountered in global public health and synthesizes the student's interdisciplinary studies in global public health, culminating in a Capstone Paper.
PHS 5960: Supervised Independent Research
Credits: 1–6
Supervised Independent Research
PHS 7100: Introduction to U.S. Health Care Policy & Systems
Credits: 2
An introduction to the terminology, structure, & function of the U.S. health care system with an emphasis on the social, economic, & political forces that impact the organization, financing, & delivery of health & health care.
PHS 8931: Integrative Learning Experience HP Part 2
Credits: 1–3
The final project should demonstrate application of knowledge acquired in the MPH program to a real-world public health issue. Students write a paper & create a poster for presentation describing their projects. Students also take a review test of basic material from the core public health disciplines & complete a competency self-assesment to obtain feedback on their progress & accomplishments achieved by the end of the program.