Keara Goin headshot

Keara Kaye Goin

Assistant Professor
Unit: College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Department of Media Studies
Office location and address
242 Wilson Hall
115 Ruppel Dr
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904

Dr. Keara Goin earned a Ph.D. in the Department of Radio-Television-Film at the University of Texas at Austin, with an emphasis in Latina/o Media Studies, Ethnographic and Audience Reception Studies, Star Studies, Television and New Media Studies, and Diaspora Studies. In addition to her Ph.D. program of study, she concurrently earned a Doctoral Portfolio in Women’s and Gender Studies.  

AMST 2559: New Course in American Studies
Credits: 1–4
New Course in subject of American Studies.
MDST 3050: History of Media
Credits: 3
This is a survey, lecture-format, course on the history of media forms, institutions, and technology from the origins of writing, invention of print technology, through the development of digital media. Attention to the specific characteristics of individual media, the changing role of media as a force in culture, and the continually transforming institutions and business of media will all be touched on. The role of media forms in the creation of public discourse and the social controls on media through censorship, legal constraints, and economic policies will also be examined, largely from within the context of the United States. Students will create a case study of a media work or artifact from a historical perspective.
MDST 3105: Latina/o Media Studies
Credits: 3
This course is designed to introduce students to critical analyses of media texts, media industries, and media audiences that help explain the social, political, economic, and cultural locations of Latinas/os in America.
MDST 3504: Topics in Global Media
Credits: 3
This course offers historical, comparative, critical, and media industry perspectives on global media. It explores how capital, geopolitics, new technologies and forms of production and consumption impact global media flows. Topics include studies of media systems, textual traditions, media circulation, globalization, the role of media technologies in international affairs, and the role of transnationalism in national and international affairs.
MDST 3505: Special Topics in Diversity and Identity in Media
Credits: 3
This course will offer historical, comparative, and critical perspectives on issues of diversity and identity in media studies. Topics may include the relationship between media and underrepresented groups, media use in identity construction, masculinity and feminine role models in media, media power, etc. Prerequisite: MDST Major and Minors or Instructor Permission
MDST 3584: Global Cinema
Credits: 3
This course entails study of films originating from and/or identified with non-US nations and cultures. Topics include: introduction to a nation's cinematic achievements (e.g., Korean cinema); in-depth study of one or more influential cinematic movements (e.g., French New Wave; Italian Neo-Realism); exploration of a particular historical period (e.g., German silent cinema). The course fulfills the non-US requirement for the Media Studies major.
MDST 4010: Distinguished Majors Thesis Writing or Research Project
Credits: 3
Writing of a thesis or production or a project with appropriately researched documentation, under the supervision of the faculty DMP thesis readers or project supervisor.
MDST 4310: Celebrity Studies
Credits: 3
This course explores celebrity, stardom, fame, and self-branding as it is produced, circulated, and consumed for and by people of color. Paying particular attention to how race and ethnicity intersect with the phenomenon of celebrity in the media, this highly student-driven class will investigate celebrities of color through both historical and analytical lenses.
MDST 4320: Celebrities of Color
Credits: 3
Paying particular attention to how race and ethnicity intersect with the phenomenon of celebrity in the media, this highly student-driven class will investigate celebrities of color through both historical and analytical lenses. In examining the increasingly self-aware culture associated with celebrity, we will discuss the ways in which celebrity is conceived, constructed, performed, and discussed, as well as how it shapes notions of identity.
MDST 4510: Capstone Topics
Credits: 3
A capstone seminar, this course offers students a supervised opportunity to pursue original research in media studies. Related to a theme selected by the instructor, the project will entail design of a research question, extensive collection and analysis of literature and data, and completion of a 15-20 page paper that provides new, critical insight or information on the subject examined.
MDST 4559: New Course in Media Studies
Credits: 1–4
This course provides the opportunity to offer a new course in the subject of Media Studies.