Kathryn Schetlick

Assistant Professor
Unit: College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Department of Drama
Office location and address
109 Culbreth Rd
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
DANC 1200: Introduction to Movement Practices
Credits: 1
This course is designed as an introduction to movement practices for students of all backgrounds and skill levels. Students will work on dynamic alignment, as well as spatial, sensory, and bodily awareness. Through movement prompts, improvisation, and learned combinations students will be challenged to expand movement vocabulary while also increasing range of motion, strength, flexibility, and expressivity.
DANC 1400: The Art of Dance
Credits: 3
This course is an introduction to dance as an art form and examines the different roles of primarily Western forms of dance from the end of the 19th century to present. Students will investigate how concert dance shapes and is shaped by Western culture. Through practical dance experiences students will deepen their understanding of the creative process and their appreciation of dance as a medium for social commentary and artistic expression.
DANC 1559: New Course in Dance
Credits: 1–3
This class provides the opportunity to offer new courses in the subject of Dance at the 1000 level.
DANC 2210: Ballet I
Credits: 1
In this studio course, students will learn Ballet terminology, placement and dynamic alignment through an anatomical approach to Ballet technique. Students will work at barre and center while increasing strength, flexibility and body awareness.
DANC 2300: Dance Improvisation
Credits: 2
Allows students to explore the creative practice of dance improvisation for beginning to intermediate students. Through improvisational methods and structures students will develop their skills as improvisers and begin to appreciate its role in composition (choreography) as well as a form of performance.
DANC 3210: Ballet II
Credits: 1
Exploration of Ballet technique for intermediate to advanced students. Students will deepen their knowledge through continued study of terminology, placement and dynamic alignment while expanding upon their ability to make qualitative choices and enhancing their artistry.
DANC 3400: Dance and Culture
Credits: 3
This course aims to deepen students' understanding of dance as a field of artistic and intellectual study. Students will be challenged to examine human movement as a historically situated cultural expression and to explore the relation between dance and various socio-cultural developments. The course will highlight the connection of dance and critical theory, focusing on notions of identity, subjectivity and embodiment.
DANC 3559: New Course in Dance
Credits: 1–3
This class provides the opportunity to offer new courses in the subject of Dance at the 3000 level.
DANC 3590: Special Topics in Dance
Credits: 1–3
In-depth investigation of a specific area in the field of dance; topic or content may vary according to instructor. May be repeated for credit with different content areas. Possible topics include: advanced study of Bartenieff Fundamentals or Laban Movement Analysis, dance and community exchange, urban or world dance forms, dance and music collaboration, dance and technology, etc.
DANC 4993: Independent Study: Dance
Credits: 1–3
Allows upper level students to pursue dance as an independent project. Students can select their area of focus in dance including Production, Performance, Artistic Direction, Choreography, and/or Research.