Kay Neeley headshot

Kathryn A. Neeley

Associate Professor
Unit: School of Engineering and Applied Science
Department: Department of Engineering and Society
Office location and address
A224 Thornton Hall
351 McCormick Rd
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
Ph.D., English Literature, Language, and Pedagogy, University of Virginia, 1989
M.A., English, University of Virginia, 1979
B.A., English, University of South Carolina, 1976

Kathryn Neeley has been on the faculty of the School of Engineering & Applied Science since 1979 and might be best described as a recovering English major who found her calling in the most unexpected of places: engineering. She began her career as a writer, editor, and producer who worked on research teams in materials science and chemical engineering and developed print and video materials to promote SEAS research programs. These experiences provided her with both a broad view and a first-hand knowledge of engineering research, design, and culture. She is inspired by the potential of technology to promote human flourishing and by an understanding of engineering as a potentially ideal combination of practicality and vision.

STS 1501: Special Topics in Engineering & Society
Credits: 1
Student led special topic courses which vary by semester.
STS 2500: Science and Technology in Social and Global Context
Credits: 3
This course invites students to explore the implications of STS core concepts within a specific topical or disciplinary area, drawing out the implications of STS 1500 in depth. The course explores the social and global context of engineering, science and technology. Although writing and speaking skills are emphasized, more attention is given to course content and the students' analytical abilities. Prerequisites: STS 1500 or an equivalent STS course.
STS 3580: Special Topics for Engineering Entrepreneurship
Credits: 3
This course will cover various topics in engineering entrepreneurship.
STS 4500: STS and Engineering Practice
Credits: 3
This course engages students with the idea that success in posing and solving engineering problems requires attention to the social dimensions of professional endeavors and practice. STS theories and methods are applied to student thesis projects. Students produce a prospectus for the senior thesis project. Students must be in residence to take this course. Students are not permitted to take STS 4500 and STS 4600 simultaneously. Prerequisites: STS 2000 or STS 3000 level course.
STS 4600: The Engineer, Ethics, and Professional Responsibility
Credits: 3
This course focuses on ethical issues in engineering. The key theme is that ethics is central to engineering practice. The professional responsibilities of engineers are examined. Students produce an STS Research paper linked to their technical thesis project and complete all of the requirements for the senior thesis. Students must be in residence to take this course. Students are not permitted to take STS 4500 and STS 4600 simultaneously. Prerequisites: STS 4500.
STS 5500: Topics in Technology and Society
Credits: 1–3
A first-level graduate/advanced undergraduate course relates technology or engineering to the broader culture. The specific subject will differ from time to time.

Seven Society Teaching Recognition 2015 and 2016

Harold S. Morton Award for Teaching 2010

Henry St. George Tucker Award for Dedication to the Honor Committee 2007

Raven Society Faculty Award 2006

Sterling Olmsted Award for Innovative Contributions to the Liberal Arts in Engineering Education 2003