Jelena Samonina

Assistant Professor
Unit: College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Department of Chemistry
Office location and address
409 McCormick Rd
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
CHEM 1500: Chemistry for Health Sciences
Credits: 3
Emphasizes the practical aspects of general, organic, and biological chemistry with numerous applications to clinical and health-related cases and issue. Provides health professionals with the chemical background necessary to understand the diagnostic tests and procedures needed for healthcare delivery. Relationships between inorganic chemistry and the life processes that occur during normal and abnormal metabolism.
CHEM 2410: Organic Chemistry I
Credits: 3
Surveys the compounds of carbon in relation to their structure, identification, synthesis, natural occurrence, and mechanisms of reactions. Three class hours; Discussion requirement at the discretion of instructor. CHEM 1420 or 1620. CHEM 2311 or 2411 may be taken concurrently or after CHEM 2410. Drop/withdrawal from CHEM 2410, requires drop/withdrawal from CHEM 2311/2411. C or better required for CHEM 2420.
CHEM 2420: Organic Chemistry II
Credits: 3
Survey of the principle classes of organic and bioorganic compounds in relation to their structure, identification, synthesis, natural occurrence, reactivity, and mechanisms of reactions. Prerequisite: CHEM 2410 or 1820. CHEM 2321 or 2421 may be taken concurrently or after completing CHEM 2420. Drop/withdrawal from CHEM 2420, requires drop/withdrawal from CHEM 2321/2421.
CHEM 4440: Biochemistry for Pre-Health
Credits: 3
Biochemistry study chemical processes within biological systems. When living systems are in chemical and energetic balance life thrives. However, distortion of balance caused by external or internal environment can lead to series of diseases and malfunctions of biological systems. In this course we will explore and learn how basic chemical and physical principles apply to macro-molecules that give rise to the complexity of life.