Jason Sheehan headshot

Jason P. Sheehan

Unit: School of Medicine
Department: Department of Neurological Surgery
Office location and address
Gamma Knife Center Room G512
101 Hospital Dr
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
M.D., Ph.D., University of Virginia, 1998
Resident, Neurosurgery, University of Virginia
Resident, Surgery, University of Virginia
Fellow, Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery, University of Pittsburgh
Fellow, Neurosurgery, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

My research interests include the study of axonal guidance cues. Such cues are important for axonal regeneration and functional recovery following various types of neurological injury such as stroke, neurodegeneration, and trauma. In addition, my research group is exploring the neuronal changes accompanying seizure attenuation after stereotactic radiosurgical lesioning of the mesial hippocampus. Interneuronal changes in the hippocampus following Gamma surgery are one of the alterations noted following subnecrotic doses of Gamma surgery to the hippocampus. Such underlying mechanisms may provide insight into the efficacy of Gamma Knife surgery for the treatment of temporal lobe epilepsy. Both research interests are pursued through my affiliation with the neuroscience department.

National Stereotactic Radiosurgery Quality Registry Plan
Source: NeuroPoint Alliance
February 16, 2020 – February 15, 2023
Assessment of Safety and Feasibility of ExAblate Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption for the Treatment of HighGrade Glioma in Patients Undergoing Standard Chemotherapy
Source: InSightec - Image Guided Treatment Ltd.
September 19, 2019 – September 18, 2022
Integra Foundation Fellowship 2011
Source: Integra Foundation
August 01, 2010 – August 19, 2018
MD-NERS Pituitary Radiosurgery as a RIsk Factor for Neurocognitive Dysfunction in Patients with Pituitary Adenoma
Source: Elekta Instrument AB
January 08, 2014 – July 08, 2018
MD-NERS 2017Elekta Res Fellowship
Source: Nucletron Operations B. V.
July 01, 2017 – June 30, 2018
MD-NERS 2017Elekta Res Fellowship
Source: Elekta Instrument AB
July 01, 2017 – July 20, 2017
MD-NERS Randomized Controlled Study of Neurocognitive Outcomes in Atients with Five or More Brain Metastases Treated with Radiosurgery or Whole-Brain Radiotherapy - CC121010/NAGKC12-01
Source: University of California at San Francisco
October 01, 2012 – September 30, 2015
MD-NERS A Study to Evaluate the Safety and Feasibility of Transcranial MRI-Guided Focused Ultrasound Surgery in the Treatment of Brain Tumors
Source: Focused Ultrasound Foundation
July 05, 2013 – July 05, 2015
MD-NERS In vivo transcranial cavitation study of low frequency focused ultrasound in pigs
Source: Focused Ultrasound Foundation
September 17, 2012 – September 17, 2014

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