Jonathan Rosen

Unit: School of Engineering and Applied Science
Department: Department of Biomedical Engineering
Office location and address
1105 W Main St
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
BME 6056: Going Pro, Professional Development in Biomedical Engineering
Credits: 1–2
A professional development course for biomedical engineering graduate students.
BME 6060: Biomedical Innovation
Credits: 3
In a team, develop, prototype, and conduct verification and validation tests on engineering solutions to clinical challenges, demonstrating concept viability. Formal Design Control, Life Cycle, Risk Analysis, Project Management and Intellectual Property Strategies are introduced. Using Product Development Protocols, prepare a regulatory and implementation pathway analysis for commercialization into clinical practice. Prerequisite: BME 6550 Special Topics: Clinical Technology Continuum of Care
BME 6550: Special Topics in Biomedical Engineering
Credits: 1–3
Applies engineering science, design methods, and system analysis to developing areas and current problems in biomedical engineering. Topics vary by semester.
BME 8995: M.E. Supervised Project Research (M.E. STUDENTS ONLY)
Credits: 1–6
FOR M.E. STUDENTS ONLY. A research project in biomedical engineering conducted in consultation with a faculty advisor. Includes the design, execution, and analysis of experimental laboratory work and computational or theoretical computer analysis of a problem. Fulfills the project requirement for the Biomedical Engineering Masters of Engineering degree. Prerequisites: Instructor Permission Required.