José Ibarra (2020)

José Ibarra

Assistant Professor
Director of Research and Transformation, CODA
Unit: School of Architecture
Department: Department of Architecture
Office location and address
Peyton House 103
110 Bayly Dr
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
Post-Professional M.Arch, Princeton University
B.Arch, Cornell University

José Ibarra is an architectural designer, researcher, and educator whose interdisciplinary work focuses on the intersection between architecture and environmental uncertainty. He is an Assistant Professor in Architecture at the University of Virginia School of Architecture and director of transformation and research of CODA. Ibarra received a B.Arch from Cornell University's AAP and a Post-Professional M.Arch from Princeton University’s School of Architecture, where he also earned a Certificate in Media and Modernity. While at Princeton University, he was awarded the 2019 Robert Geddes Post-Professional Award, the 2018 Howard Crosby Butler Fellowship, the Princeton University Fellowship, among other recognitions.

Ibarra is co-editor of the forthcoming book, “Werewolf: The Architecture of Lunacy, Shapeshifting, and Material Metamorphosis.” He has been an editor of Pidgin magazine, The Cornell Journal of Architecture, and ASSOCIATION. In addition to having published graphic and written work in these and other journals, including Log, his design projects have been exhibited in Berlin, Dunkirk, Ithaca, Ljubljana, Milwaukee, New York, Princeton, and Rome.Ibarra’s work also comprises curation, most recently having curated the performance “Model United Constituencies: A Performance and Critical Debate” and co-curated the New York exhibition, TOO FAST TOO SLOW: 11 Architectural Moves. Ibarra was the 2019-2020 Urban Edge Fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where he investigated design tactics for environmental remediation and justice that could work across different temporal scales, including deep time. He has also taught at Cornell University and Princeton University, and has practiced architecture at Barkow LeibingerCODAfxCollaborativeStudio Eber, among other firms.

ARCH 1030: Foundation Studio I
Credits: 4
The studio course introduces first year students from architecture, urban and environmental planning, and architectural history to the built environment related to scales from the body to buildings, landscapes, and cities.Students explore comprehensive and foundational design principles, skill sets, and critical thinking.
ARCH 2020: Foundation Studio III
Credits: 6
The foundations studios involve beginning design students in thoughtful application of fundamental design principles, foundational techniques of representation and fabrication and comprehensive critical design strategies. These courses foster the development of the beginning design student's design methodology founded on thoughtful, creative, ethical and rigorous work practices in service of exploring meaningful formal and spatial propositions. Prerequisite: ARCH 2010
ARCH 2021: Summer Intro to Design Studio 1
Credits: 6
Prerequisite: ARCH 2010 or 2011, for undergraduate transfer students accepted by the Dept. of Architecture only. The second architectural studio in the core curriculum fosters the development of the beginning design student's design methodology founded on thoughtful, creative, ethical and rigorous work practices in service of exploring meaningful formal and spatial propositions.
ARCH 3010: Foundation Studio IV
Credits: 6
This studio course emphasizes conceptualization and synthesis of complex programs in contemporary contexts at multiple scales. Prerequisite: ARCH 2020
ARCH 3500: Special Topics in Architecture
Credits: 3
Topical offerings in architecture.
SARC 5555: Visualization Elective
Credits: 1–3
Students select from a number of visualization one to three credit modules focusing on all forms of visualization. During this semester, students must select from among the digital visualization choices.
ARCH 5993: Independent Study
Credits: 1–6
Independent research on topics selected by individual students in consultation with a faculty advisor
ARCH 6262: Lecture Series Reading Group
Credits: 1
Students will attend 6 of the School of Architecture public lecture series and exchange feedback on architectural career paths and architecture's role in cultural, social, environmental, and economic contexts.
ARCH 6500: Special Topics in Architecture
Credits: 1–3
Topical offerings in architecture.
ARCH 7993: Independent Study
Credits: 1–3
Independent Study Prerequisite: Permission of the chair.

UW-Milwaukee Support for UG Research Fellows Faculty Award

UW-Milwaukee Support for UG Research Fellows Faculty Award

UW-Milwaukee 2019–2020 Urban Edge Fellowship

Princeton University 2019 Robert Geddes Post-Professional Award

Princeton University Graduate Certificate in Media and Modernity

Princeton Council on Science and Technology Research Grant

Charles M. Hanna and Margaret T. Hanna Fellowship

Princeton University SoA M.Arch Thesis Grant

Princeton University Graduate School Award

Howard Crosby Butler Traveling Fellowship in Architecture

University Fellowship in Princeton University

Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholar and Fellow

John L. & Almeida C. Riley Scholarship

Cornell Council for the Arts Individual Grant

WCC’s People’s Choice Award, Young Architects Competition

Cornell University Learning Strategies Center Scholarship

CUSD Design/Build Challenge First Place Winner

American Institute of Architects Minority Scholarship