James Maxham headshot

James G. Maxham

Unit: McIntire School of Commerce
Department: McIntire School of Commerce
Office location and address
Rouss & Robertson Halls, Room 347
40 South Lawn
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
Ph.D., Louisiana State University
M.B.A., University of South Florida
B.S.B.A., Western Carolina University
Professor Maxham examines quantitative consumer models that help marketing scholars and retail managers better understand customer loyalty trends. Recent work investigates how human resource management practices, service policies, product return policies, retail concept extensions, and loyalty card programs influence customer attitudes, shopping behaviors, and store performance. Previously employed by the NCR Corporation and Russell Stover Candies, Professor Maxham currently teaches Customer Analytics & Brand Strategy at the University of Virginia. He also teaches global immersion courses that explore business, economics, and culture in China and Southeast Asia. Professor Maxham is a member of the American Statistical Association, the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), and the American Marketing Association. His research has appeared in Marketing ScienceJournal of MarketingJournal of Applied Psychology; and Journal of Retailing, among others. He has served on the editorial review board of Journal of Marketing, and he currently serves on the editorial review boards of Journal of Retailing and Journal of Service Research. Professor Maxham also serves on the CMO Council’s Customer Experience Advisory Board. 
COMM 3020: Behavioral Issues in Marketing and Management
Credits: 4
Studies the interaction of human behaviors both within the organization and within the business environment. Discusses personal effectiveness and interpersonal skills and introduces the marketing management process. Topics include individual differences, leadership, conflict resolution, group decision making, creating high-performance teams, globalization of markets and measuring markets, consumer markets and consumer behavior, developing communication strategies, organizational markets, organization buying behaviors, market segmentation, management of products and services, the use of the Internet and other promotion tools, and marketing decision systems. Prerequisite: Third-year Commerce standing.
COMM 4350: Customer Analytics & Brand Strategy
Credits: 3
This is a research oriented class that examines how firms can leverage customer analytics to successfully create, manage, and grow brands. The class provides marketing managers and operational business leaders with the analytical tools to develop and operationally execute brand strategies that enhance customer engagement and loyalty. Prerequisite: 4th Year Commerce
COMM 4993: Independent Study in Commerce
Credits: 1–3
Independent study under the supervision of a Commerce instructor. A project directly related to business must be submitted to, and approved by, the supervising instructor prior to the Commerce School add date. Students may take COMM 4993 only once. Prerequisite: Fourth-year Commerce standing.
GBAC 7200: Enterprise Analytics I: Customers, Products, and Markets
Credits: 2
This course is an introduction to consumer, product, and market analytics. You will learn key concepts in brand positioning, customer segmentation, and consumer behavior. The course will expose students to basic market research methods and measurement considerations in designing and conducting market research.
GBAC 7218: Capstone I and II: Business Solution and Impact
Credits: 3
Teams will solve an analytics challenge from a sponsoring company. The company will provide the data and the problem. You and your team will design a solution in the form of a set of visualizations and a model and assess the business impact in conjunction with the sponsoring company. Key questions: How much money will the proposed solution save? How many new customers will the proposed solution attract? The core deliverable is a presentation.
GBAC 7219: Capstone Project II: Business Impact
Credits: 2
In the second capstone course you will assess the business impact of your solution and should be done in conjunction with the sponsoring company. Key assessment questions may include: a) how much money (or other resources) will the proposed solution save? b) How many new customers will the proposed solution attract? c) how much money will current customers spend? The core deliverable is a report on the business impact your proposed solution.
GCOM 7549: Commerce in the Global Context
Credits: 1–4
A full understanding of commerce requires an appreciation of the context in which all business occurs. Commerce in the Global Context builds upon GCOM 7870 (Foundations of Global Commerce), introducing students to business in a variety of regions of the world as well as important topics in global business.
GCOM 7550: Topics in Global Immersion Experience
Credits: 1–5
Global immersion experience course options for M.S. in Commerce students.
GCOM 7655: Global Market Research & Analytics
Credits: 2
This course is a research-oriented class that examines how firms can leverage customer analytics to create, manage, and grow brands. The class provides students with a strategic framework and analytical tools to develop and execute data-driven strategies that enhance customer engagement and loyalty. Through lectures, analysis workshops, class exercises, and team projects, the course investigates the art and science of delivering customer value.
GCOM 7875: Doing Business in Southeast Asia
Credits: 5
This course focuses on doing business in Southeast Asia. Coursework consists of classroom instruction, corporate visits, and cultural experiences to help students better understand the global business environment and conducting business in Southeast Asia in particular.
GCOM 7993: Independent Study and Supervised Research
Credits: 1–9
Students taking this course will explore areas and issues of special interest that are not otherwise covered in the graduate curriculum. This course is offered at the discretion of the supervising professor.