Julia Gutterman

Assistant Professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures
Unit: College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures
Office location and address
1605 Jefferson Park Ave
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
GERM 2020: Intermediate German
Credits: 3
Builds upon skills developed in GERM 2010. Continues the review of grammar. Continues to expose students to a wide variety of topics relating to contemporary Germany. Includes a contemporary play and film. Internet news and cultural programming in the classroom. Language laboratory required. Prerequisite: GERM 2010, or equivalent.
GETR 2559: New Course in German in Translation
Credits: 1–4
This course provides the opportunity to offer a new topic in the subject area of German in translation.
GERM 3000: Advanced German
Credits: 3
This course builds on the first and second year German sequence and seeks to increase students' level of competence in both grammar and vocabulary. Students will produce more accurate and complex language and begin to discuss a diverse range of topics in German culture. Grammatical accuracy will be a central focus but also register, appropriacy, and fluency. Prerequisite: GERM 2020 or equivalent, or instructor permission
GERM 3010: Texts and Interpretations
Credits: 3
Employing a broad definition of text, this course allows students to develop a complex understanding of the relationship between meaning and linguistic form. Course readings may include poems, novels, films, historical documents, letters, memoirs etc. Specific grammatical topics will be addressed on the basis of the given material. This course is the prerequisite for all GERM 3000- level courses. Prerequisite: GERM 2020 or instructor permission.
GERM 3110: Literature in German II
Credits: 3
German literature from 1890 to the present. For more details on this class, please visit the department website at: http://www.virginia.edu/german/Undergraduate/Courses. Prerequisite: GERM 3010.
GERM 3120: Literature in German I
Credits: 3
German literature from 1750 to 1890. Prerequisite: GERM 3010.