Joe Garofalo headshot

Joe Garofalo

Associate Professor
Unit: Curry School of Education
Department: Curry School of Education
Office location and address
Bavaro Hall 206E
417 Emmet St S
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
Ph.D., Indiana University, 1982
M.Ed., Indiana University, 1982
M.S., New York University, 1975
B.A., Lehman College, 1973

I have been in a variety of roles at UVA. I am a mathematics educator, and in this role I oversee the secondary mathematics teacher education program in the Curry School of Education, teach undergraduate and graduate courses in mathematics education, and work with doctoral students. My interests in mathematics education include problem solving, educational technology, and mathematics teacher preparation. My other roles here have been quite different - I have been an associate dean, the Chair of the University's Faculty Senate, and the first faculty member in the history of the University to serve on the University's Board of Visitors. Although these roles are different in many ways, they all involve problem solving of one kind or another.

When not at the Curry School, I have spent much of my time coaching girls' fast pitch softball and trying to learn to play electric blues guitar. Originally from the Bronx, I have a family of UVA and NY Giants football fans. Our two daughters both play trumpet; the younger one currently plays in the UVA Cavalier Marching Band and the older one is a UVA Marching Band alum. They also play a little guitar and bass. When they were younger, both were glad to play along with me, but now I am lucky to convince one of them to jam. Also, we are vegetarians and like to cook (and eat!).

EDIS 4884: Field Experience:Mathematics Education
Credits: 1
Extensive experience in observing classrooms and in practice teaching using various instructional strategies. Classroom placements are aligned with specific program/endorsement areas and meet the guidelines for the approved licensure program in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education Program.
CS 4980: Capstone Research
Credits: 1–3
This course is one option in the CS fourth-year thesis track. Students will seek out a faculty member as an advisor, and do an independent project with said advisor. Instructors can give the 3 credits across multiple semesters, if desired. This course is designed for students who are doing research, and want to use that research for their senior thesis. Note that this track could also be an implementation project, including a group-based project. Prerequisite: CS 2150 or CS 2501 topic DSA2 with a grade of C- or higher, and BSCS major
EDIS 5450: Teaching Mathematics in Secondary Schools I
Credits: 3
Students analyze mathematical behavior and problem solving, examine the latest thinking regarding school mathematics, explore the uses of technology to enhance mathematics learning and teaching, and plan and teach mini-lessons demonstrating instructional competence. Emphasizes the understanding and application of Mathematics. Prerequisite: Admission to the Teacher Education Program or Instructor Permission.
EDIS 5451: Teaching Mathematics in Secondary School II
Credits: 3
This course is a continuation of EDIS 5450, with a greater emphasis on instructional strategies and use of technology.
EDIS 5874: Seminar: Teaching Internship - Mathematics Education
Credits: 3
Designed to accompany the teaching internship (i.e., student teaching). Focuses on special issues and concerns that grow out of that experience, including classroom management, parent-teacher conferences, and school-community relations. Seminar sections are aligned with specific program/endorsement areas and meet the guidelines for approved licensure programs in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
EDIS 5884: Teaching Internship: Mathematics Education
Credits: 6–12
A required student teaching internship for pre-service teachers, this full-semester experience is supervised by clinical instructors from the public schools and university supervisors. Course sections are aligned with specific program/endorsement areas and meet the guidelines for the approved licensure program in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Prerequisite: Admission to the Teacher Education Program
EDIS 5993: Independent Study
Credits: 1–6
Independent Study
EDIS 8982: Practicum: Curriculum & Instruction
Credits: 1–12
Practicum: Curriculum & Instruction
EDIS 9450: Readings and Research in Mathematics Education
Credits: 3
Students analyze research on a particular topic in the teaching or learning of mathematics and complete a project synthesizing, applying, or extending the research results.
EDIS 9991: Ed.D. Research
Credits: 1–12
Ed.D. Research conducted under the guidance of dissertation/capstone committee. 12 hours required for graduation. Permission of Instructor required.
EDIS 9995: Independent Research
Credits: 1–6
Permits students to work jointly with faculty or other students in cooperatively designing and executing research projects. The nature and scope of such projects are advanced beyond the master's level, and a plan of research should be signed and filed in the student's permanent file. Prerequisite: Advisor permission.
EDIS 9999: Doctoral Dissertation
Credits: 3–12
Doctoral Dissertation Research completed under the guidance of dissertation committee. 12 hours is required for graduation. Permission of instructor required.