John Echeverri-Gent headshot

John E. Echeverri-Gent

Associate Professor
Unit: College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Department of Politics
Office location and address
S462 Gibson Hall
1540 Jefferson Park Ave
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
Ph.D., University of Chicago

John Echeverri-Gent’s books include The State and the Poor: Public Policy and Political Development in India and the United States (University of California Press, 1993) and Economic Reform in Three Giants: U.S. Foreign Policy and the USSR, China, and India (Transaction, 1990) which he co-edited. His published articles focus on the political economy of development and comparative public policy. His currently completing a manuscript entitled “Politics of Markets: Political Economy of India’s Financial Market Development in Comparative Perspective”.   He serves as treasurer of the American Institute of Indian Studies and as a member of the editorial board of Political Science Quarterly.  He has chaired the American Political Science Task Force on “Difference and Inequality in Developing Societies.” He is the winner of the 1993 Theodore J. Lowi Award presented by the Policy Studies Organization for best article in the Policy Studies Journal. He has also served as MacArthur Scholar in residence at the Overseas Development Council, Senior Fellow at the American Institute of Indian Studies, and Fulbright Scholar.

PLCP 2420: Politics of Modernity
Credits: 3
Introduces key analytical concepts used by Karl Marx, Max Weber, and Emile Durkeim in their analysis of how the development of modern society has shaped the nature of modern politics.
PLCP 3630: Politics in India and Pakistan
Credits: 3
Surveys political development in India and Pakistan examining the process of nation-building, the causes of democratization and authoritarian rule, the development of ethnic and religious conflict, environmental politics, the political impact of cultural globalization, and gender-related political issues. Prerequisite: Some background in comparative politics and/or study of history and society in South Asia.
PLCP 4250: Politics of Economic Reform
Credits: 3
A wave of economic change has swept across countries from Argentina to Zimbabwe over the last 15 years. The unfolding of these changes has been structured by and, in turn, has shaped the politics of the countries in which they have occurred. Formulates an analytical framework for understanding the politics of economic reform. Studies cases in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe. Prerequisite: Previous course in PLCP, PLIR, or economics is recommended.
PLCP 4652: Markets, Inequality, and the Politics of Development
Credits: 3
Examination of how politics affects the historical development of markets and the impact of inequality on the development of markets and economic development more generally.
PLAD 4960: Thesis for Distinguished Majors Program
Credits: 3
American Politics Prerequisite: Admission into the department's Distinguished Majors Program.
PLAD 4961: Thesis Seminar for Distinguished Majors Program Part 2
Credits: 3
Part two of the Politics Department Distinguished Majors thesis seminar.
PLCP 5993: Selected Problems in Comparative Politics
Credits: 1–3
Independent study, under faculty supervision, for intensive research on a specific topic. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.
PLCP 7000: Comparative Politics Core Seminar
Credits: 3
Comparative Politics Core Seminar