Justin Weinstock

Assistant Professor
Unit: College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Department of Statistics
Office location and address
148 Amphitheater Way
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
STAT 3110: Foundations of Statistics
Credits: 3
This course provides an overview of basic probability and matrix algebra required for statistics. Topics include sample spaces and events, properties of probability, conditional probability, discrete and continuous random variables, expected values, joint distributions, matrix arithmetic, matrix inverses, systems of linear equations, eigenspaces, and covariance and correlation matrices.
STAT 3120: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
Credits: 3
This course provides a calculus-based introduction to mathematical statistics with some applications. Topics include: sampling theory, point estimation, interval estimation, testing hypotheses, linear regression, correlation, analysis of variance, and categorical data. Prerequisite: MATH 3100 or APMA 3100.
STAT 3480: Nonparametric and Rank-Based Statistics
Credits: 3
This course includes an overview of parametric vs. non-parametric methods including one-sample, two-sample, and k-sample methods; pair comparison and block designs; tests for trends and association; multivariate tests; analysis of censored data; bootstrap methods; multi-factor experiments; and smoothing methods.
STAT 4160: Experimental Design
Credits: 3
Introduces various topics in experimental design, including simple comparative experiments, single factor analysis of variance, randomized blocks, Latin squares, factorial designs, blocking and confounding, and two-level factorial designs. The statistical software R is used throughout this course.