Justin Weinstock

Unit: College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Department of Statistics
Office location and address
148 Amphitheater Way
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
STAT 3120: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
Credits: 3
This course provides a calculus-based introduction to mathematical statistics with some applications. Topics include: sampling theory, point estimation, interval estimation, testing hypotheses, linear regression, correlation, analysis of variance, and categorical data. Prerequisite: MATH 3100 or APMA 3100.
STAT 3480: Nonparametric and Rank-Based Statistics
Credits: 3
This course includes an overview of parametric vs. nonparametric methods including one-sample, two-sample, and k-sample methods; pair comparison and block designs; tests for trends and association; multivariate tests; analysis of censored data; bootstrap methods; multifactor experiments; and smoothing methods. Prerequisite: STAT 1120 or STAT 2120
STAT 4160: Experimental Design
Credits: 3
Introduces various topics in experimental design, including simple comparative experiments, single factor analysis of variance, randomized blocks, Latin squares, factorial designs, blocking and confounding, and two-level factorial designs. The statistical software R is used throughout this course.