James Scheuren

Assistant Professor
Unit: College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Department of Art
Office location and address
1605 Jefferson Park Ave
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
ARTS 2000: Introduction to Studio Art
Credits: 3
An introductory course, divided into three segments, which serves as a prerequisite to all studio courses. In Drawing students will learn observational drawing and how visual thinking connects with the hand. The Conceptual segment will exercise creative problem-solving skills and teach students to engage in critical discourse. The Digital segment teaches basic technical skills and digital tools including still and moving image and sound.
ARTS 2110: Introduction to Photography I
Credits: 3
Focuses on gaining a working understanding of black and white photo processes and, most importantly, opening up a dialogue about photography. Class assignments help students understand the visual language of photography using 35mm film and printing in the darkroom. In addition, lectures explore examples from the historical and contemporary worlds of fine art photography and readings range from art and philosophy to science.
ARTS 2112: Introduction to Photography II
Credits: 3
Building off of 2110, this course offers an introduction to color photography, digital printing methods, and medium format cameras. Advanced skills are demonstrated and practiced with the goal of increasing the quality of the work. Further explorations into historical and contemporary art issues via presentations, visiting artists, and readings increase awareness. Students create a final portfolio.
ARTS 2511: Special Topics in Photography
Credits: 3
This course will focus on the topic of documentary photography, a working style that combines accurate depiction with impassioned advocacy, usually with the goal of arousing public commitment to social change. Since the 1980s this mode has expanded to include formal and iconographical investigation of social experience with a counterstain of personal images. This class will use digital photography to develop projects and portfolios.
ARTS 3110: Intermediate Photography I
Credits: 3
Expands technical possibilities available to students by introducing large format cameras. Class time involves evaluating work in progress, slide presentations (sometimes by students as research projects) or discussion of reading material. Students create a final portfolio from assignments. Cameras provided. Prerequisite: ARTS 2110 and ARTS 2112
ARTS 4110: Advanced Photography I
Credits: 3
Group study designed to assist students in preparing their required thesis exhibitions. Meets twice a week as a group to evaluate and discuss work in progress. (Fall only.) Prerequisite: ARTS 3110 or ARTS 3112.