Julie Roebuck

Assistant Professor
Unit: School of Nursing
Department: School of Nursing
Office location and address
225 Jeanette Lancaster Way
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
NUCO 4310: Patient-Family Centered Care: Mental Health Nursing
Credits: 4
This course builds on acquired health assessment skills and introduces psychosocial research and theory needed to provide holistic care to clients across the lifespan. The course will explore mental health disorders and addictions experienced globally, evaluate research evidence to determine optimal interventions, master mental health nursing competencies, and learn resiliency principles needed to provide compassionate care for self and others.
GCNL 5160: Clin Prac & Decision-Making: Nursing Care of Persons w/ Psychiatric Illness
Credits: 3
The course provides an opportunity to learn and use bio-psychosocial concepts in the care of mentally ill of all ages and in a variety of hospital and community settings. The focus is on assessment strategies, plans of care, nursing interventions, medication management, and rehabilitative processes for individuals with a variety of acute and chronic mental health problems. Prerequisite: GCNL 5150.
GNUR 6252: Mental Health Theories and Therapies
Credits: 3
Paradigms and models examined include: psychotherapeutic, biopsychosocial, behavioral, stress and coping, health promotion, rehabilitation, self-help theories, and psychiatric mental health nursing theoretical frameworks. Course also includes exploration of selected diagnoses with respect to theoretical perspectives, Prerequisite: Graduate standing or instructor permission.
GNUR 7251: PMHNP Practicum I
Credits: 5
This course provides the opportunity for students to develop basic understanding and skills in psychiatric nursing interventions with patients in inpatient and community care system. Emphasis will be placed on the development of a large repertoire of advanced nursing care strategies and application of these skills to certain patient groups and the patient care environment.
GNUR 7254: PMHNP Practicum II
Credits: 5
Students will further develop and refine clinical skills of the advanced psychiatric nurse and represents the final clinical experience area of psychiatric mental health nursing in the Master's of Nursing graduate program. The purpose is to focus on specific populations such as the elderly, chronically mentally ill, rural populations, and substance abusers, and to explore nursing strategies and methods of practice specific to the population.