Heman Shakeri

Assistant Professor
Department: Data Science School
Office location and address
31 Bonnycastle Dr
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
CS 5010: Programming and Systems for Data Science
Credits: 3
The objective of this course is to introduce basic data analysis techniques including data analysis at scale, in the context of real-world domains such as bioinformatics, public health, marketing, security, etc. For the purpose of facilitating data manipulation and analysis, students will be introduced to essential programming techniques in Python, an increasingly prominent language for data science and "big data" manipulation. Prerequisite: CS 1110, Math 1310 or APMA 1110, Math 3351 or APMA 3080, Math 3100, APMA 3010 or APMA 3110
CS 5012: Foundations of Computer Science
Credits: 3
Provide a foundation in discrete mathematics, data structures, algorithmic design and implementation, computational complexity, parallel computing, and data integrity and consistency for non-CS, non-CpE students. Case studies and exercises will be drawn from real-world examples (e.g., bioinformatics, public health, marketing, and security). Prerequisite: CS 5010, CS 1110 or equivalent, Math 1210 or equiv, Math 3351 or equiv, Math 3100 or equiv.