Young Hou

Assistant Professor
Unit: Darden School of Business
Department: Darden Graduate School of Business
Office location and address
90 Darden Blvd
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
GBUS 7400: Strategic Thinking and Action
Credits: 2
This course develops students' ability to analyze the organizational and external factors essential for crafting and executing a firm's strategy for sustained success. The course draws heavily from the key concepts, frameworks, and tools of strategic management. Taking an action orientation, it reinforces and revitalizes the general-management perspective, the core mission of the school. Because of increasing global interdependence and an ever-shifting business environment, it emphasizes both the dynamics and the global aspects of strategic management. Topics include developing and evaluating strategy, building firm capability and sustaining competitive advantage, analyzing industry evolution and global rivalry, and linking strategy and execution. Course objectives are accomplished through exposure to cases from a range of industries and managerial settings. By providing students with an opportunity to apply analytical skills they learn in various first-year courses, the course fosters an integrative mind-set that will enable MBAs to operate at multiple levels and in different functions in their business careers.
GBUS 8285: Corporate Strategy
Credits: 2
This course builds on First-Year Strategy to focus on multi-business firms and expands beyond the classical strategy concepts (i.e., capabilities analysis or five forces) to understand how firms can best optimize their scope, develop new business models, and leverage existing resources. The course is for anyone interested in managing, investing, financing, or advising a company that operates in multiple markets. As modern firms span many geographies and categories, this course is for anyone interested in developing new strategies and effectively running a business today - big or small.