George Prpich headshot

George Prpich

Assistant Professor
Unit: School of Engineering and Applied Science
Department: Department of Chemical Engineering
Office location and address
Wilsdorf Hall Rm 304
385 McCormick Rd
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
B.Sc. Chemical Engineering, University of Saskatchewan, 2000
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Queen's University, 2007
STS 2830: Startup Operations for Entrepreneurs
Credits: 3
This class will teach you how to execute your idea into a viable business. Learn how to run a business within the context of its day-to-day operations and move forward to make a profit from the business. Learn about employee relations, legal issues, purchasing, developing for scalability, operations, financial reporting, and much more.
CHE 3347: Biochemical Engineering
Credits: 3
Quantitative engineering aspects of industrial applications of biology including the microbial synthesis of commercial products, environmental biotechnology, and the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals through recombinant microorganisms, transgenic animals, and plants. Three lecture hours. Prerequisite: CHE 2246, CHE 3321, or instructor permission; corequisite: CHE 3318, 3322 or instructor permission.
CHE 3398: Chemical Engineering Laboratory I
Credits: 3
Experimental study of selected operations and phenomena in fluid mechanics and heat transfer. Students plan experiments, analyze data, calculate results and prepare written and/or oral planning and final technical reports. One hour discussion, four laboratory hours. Prerequisite: CHE 2215 and 3321.
CHE 4491: Chemical Engineering Laboratory II
Credits: 3
Continuation of CHE 3398; emphasizes separations, chemical reaction, and process dynamics and control. One discussion and four laboratory hours. Prerequisite: CHE 3318, 3322, and 3398.
CHE 4995: Chemical Engineering Research
Credits: 1–3
Library and laboratory study of an engineering or manufacturing problem conducted in close consultation with a departmental faculty member, often including the design, construction, and operation of laboratory scale equipment. Requires progress reports and a comprehensive written report. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.
CHE 6447: Biochemical Engineering
Credits: 3
Introduction to properties, production, and use of biological molecules of importance to medicine and industry, such as proteins, enzymes, and antibiotics. Topics may include fermentation and cell culture processes, biological mass transfer, enzyme engineering, and implications of recent advances in molecular biology, genomics, and proteomics. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.